Monday, November 16, 2009

Uh-oh. I missed a few days

I was making an unofficial (undeclared) attempt to "post every day for a month". I missed.

Nancy and I did not get to the Mannings on Friday for our field trip. They were holding a spinning class (it's a good thing Nancy thought of it and we called ahead) and they advised us to come another day. Instead we went to Cloverhill Yarn store since they are local and also sell spinning wheels. It wasn't totally wasted, but they only had 3 wheels on site. I am not sure that it was worth the trip to the other side of Baltimore on a rainy day. At least Nancy was familiar with the route for the next day's spinning class that she took there. Today she is headed for the Mannings to do that spinning wheel test driving that we had planned for Friday.

While at Cloverhill Yarn Shop, I bought some Galway yarn in beige for DH's warm hat. (I couldn't go to a yarn shop and not buy anything, could I?) I was so proud of myself for keeping with the color (actually a non-color - beige) that he told me in the past he wanted for a hat. He has changed his mind, now, and doesn't mind color (Grrrr). I have permission to add stripes of color as long as the pompom (we've heard the term Man Tassel recently) is beige. I knitted about 3 inches but had to start again, making it larger. That's what happens when you don't make a swatch.

I worked on the thrummed earflaps over the weekend but am not 100% satisfied and so I will keep working on it. The hat looks good, though.

Bob's He Gansey back is finished! I think the anchor looks awesome! I started on the front yesterday and have completed the double moss stitch area, am just about ready for the textured designs on the upper chest.

I have a dilemma with this sweater knitting. It is winter now, almost Thanksgiving. I think I can finish DH's white cotton sweater in a week or so. Certainly by T-day. Should I do that and get it done or, since it is winter, should I put the cotton one aside and knit on the wool sweater. It's going fast. I think I can get the front finished this week or by the weekend for sure. Then I will have 2 double moss stitch sleeves to go - surely that can be done in a couple of weeks. Maybe he needs the wool sweater more, despite the fact that I'd like to have the cotton one done and off my list. What do you think?

I met with younger son yesterday to discuss patterns and colors for his earflap hat and we settled on something we are both happy with. I will be knitting with alpaca again. : ))

The Sunshine sock in the purple yarn is looking good. It won't be a fast knit but it will be entertaining.

My new travel project (I am wearing the previous travel socks today) is the Chocolate Cherry Spiraling Corialis socks. The ribbing has been started and I think I can finish these off by Thanksgiving, too, assuming the normal traffic and waiting at appointments. That would be awesome!

Speaking of awesome, DH goes to see the audiologist tomorrow to get his cochlear implant activated (hopefully)! I can't wait to see what it does!

I made a bad choice re fishing this weekend. Sunday was wonderful and I had opted to stay home. Blegh! Oh, well. I did get to enjoy the sunshine and I got almost all of the clothes dried on the line. That's worth something, I think.

On Saturday, DH and I picked out new glasses. It is hard for him - without his glasses on, he can't see the frames he is trying. He had to go mostly by my opinion and that of the store clerk, and since he is looking to get bigger frames (he needs all the area he can get with the vision assistance) but not look like a bug-eyed fool, he was nervous. Why would he think that I would be willing to walk around with a bug-eyed fool? I do tend to like the more rectangular frames and he doesn't, so there is that, but once he told me how he felt about them, I did (reluctantly) put those aside. Well, choices were made and we get new glasses in 2 weeks.

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