Wednesday, November 11, 2009

arm gussets

The He Gansey is long enough. I have begun the gussets. I have knitted gussets on socks before but never on a sweater. This will be interesting. I am the point in the instructions that I will have to be cautious about things like "at the same time" or "concurrently" or whatever else might lead me astray.

I need to find some size 7 DPNs to continue Rob's hat - I have decreased enough that the stitches no longer fit on the shortest circular I own in the right size. Soon it will be time to experiment with earflaps. Yippee! I am anxious to try this thrumming thing.

I am going to go stash diving tonight for yarn for a pair of socks from Cookie A's book. With all of the stockinette that I have/will be knitting, I decided to make my next sock a patterned sock. There are a couple of patterns in there that I might be interested in adapting to worsted weight yarn for a heavy pair of house socks, but first I will start on a pair to be knitted as written.

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