Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday morning. Ugh.

I know, I should be happy that I have a job and my health (with the exception of my poor right leg) etc. but I really dislike Monday mornings. Sigh.

Clapotis is not finished, I am sorry to say, thanks to a whopper of a migraine Saturday morning and into the afternoon. It is a little further along, though. No work on Laminaria happened over the weekend. Saturday was a washout as far as getting anything done that required thinking. On Sunday I tried to get caught up on household things (with mixed success).

I did something exciting (for me). I finally got around to trying one of Cat Bordhi's new sock architectures. I only had one false start on the first baby sock, then got it straight after that. These will make cute gifts in addition to good learning tools. I can't wait to finish this pair so I can try the next one. There are so small and made with worsted weight yarn that they go fast and won't slow me down on my other projects (much). ; ))

I am trying to be productive at work and at the same time move my stuff around the corner and into a new office. I have to get organised and find new places for things but don't want to slow down my regular work enough that I have to play catch up for a week or so. It is kinda cool, though, to have a blank slate.

Work on the deck rail replacement slowed when eldest son got a job. He now works 10 hours/day, 5 days a week and is understandably tired when he gets home. On the other hand, he could have moved faster and finished the job sooner and didn't because he thought he had lots of time. He always puts things off (chores, phone calls, etc.)and it drives me crazy.

Speaking of putting things off, I still haven't sewn my blue and blue striped sweater together. I hope I can get that done this week. Must write myself a note .....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Is there such a thing as a leg guard?

I have damaged my right leg several times lately, and it's beginning to wear me down. I need some sort of a metal frame that can be worn around my entire leg to protect it from the hard things I keep throwing at it. A week and a half ago I slipped getting onto the boat and whacked my leg right near the knee pretty hard. It swelled, I applied ice and it was just starting to turn colors but feeling better when, a week or so later, it started swelling and hurting again. I saw the doctor, had an MRI and now I wait for the verdict. The evening after I saw the doctor I was talking to DH about said boat (which was on the trailer in the driveway) and walked right into the tongue of the trailer. I have a very colorful bruise on the upper right leg, in addition to the large lump on the lower right leg, which is also the side I had foot surgery on in March (which is still painful). I need something to protect it from further harm. As a second choice, I could be locked in a room with chocolate, DDP and knitting so I can stay safe. Sigh. I don't think either one is likely to happen either. I am supposed to rest and elevate my leg as much as possible, so that may help with the weekend plans .... I like the thought of sitting in the swing on the deck, leg elevated, knitting in hand and a cooler near by with a a good supply of DDP and candy. What do you think of that plan? Right. DH won't think much of it either. We are supposed to paint the boat. : ((

Knitting, now knitting is going well.

Watch - I just cursed myself and will spend hours frogging tonight.

The Boatneck top in linen stitch - I separated the front and back and have about 6 more rows of linen stitch before it's time to begin the lace section.

Laminaria - I have 1.75 repeats on the blossom chart to do, then 22 rows of edging chart and I will be finished! Mind you, there are about 400 stitches per row, so it will not be finished in a day, but I'm close. The photo, of course, looks like a green bump. but it will be beautiful.

Clapotis - I am on the decrease section and going fast. That will probably be finished this weekend.

Travel sock - bound off the first, need to cast on the second.

Bob's sweater - not as good. I have to complete a few more rows of the sleeve cap, then calculate my rate of decreases and knit that sleeve.

Cardi Cozy - put aside while I concentrate on the boatneck and the Clapotis, but soon to be picked up again. I love the look of this garment. Sweater is too strong a word for it, but it's not a shrug, either.

I finished one cotton face/dish cloth and have 2/3 of another complete. That's just a take along project, not intended for any one or time specifically.

Oh, and I started a mobius (knit with the twist in the cable, not end to end) and that's growing also, though it seems slow. I have about 3 inches of width and I cast on about 250 stitches.

We'll finish with some pretty flowers growing in the railing boxes on my deck.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Summer Blossoms

My mother gave me a starter peony a few years ago. I love the blossoms and scent, though I don't usually bring them in the house due to the bugs that also love the sweetness. I do walk over near them every day to enjoy them, though, and that brings me closer to these cute little flowers.

Carnations in pink. They, too, have a wonderful scent, unlike the ones you get from a florist.

In order to get to both of these flowers, I am required to walk past our little pond in the front yard, where this little beauty is open right now. Some summers we get one flower all year. This is the 4th so far this year. Somebody is happy. ; )

We'll be leaving for Montauk in the early morning hours and I can't wait. I finished my work work for the day (I worked a half day at home) and can going with the packing of the car.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I will see you next week.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The deck is becoming whole again

DH and eldest son have taken my fear of heights to heart and worked quickly to complete at least a railing around the deck so that I can walk out there with less fear, if not no fear. There is, at least, a frame around the edges even though it's not filled in. Thanks, guys.

The weekend was wonderful. I got quite a lot of knitting done on Sunday. Monday wasn't bad, either. I was able to knit a few more rows on the Cardi Cozy last night, but a headache got the best of me before I could knit 2 rows on Laminaria or even do some Clapotis knitting. Bummer.

Tonight's goal is to knit 2 rows on Laminaria, pack (more on that in a minute) and bind off the travel sock and cast on the second one. I need something small that I can walk around with this weekend. There are other socks I would like to knit - I would like to start a sock from Cookie A's new book and/or a sock from Cat Bordi's book and I would also like to cast on the second Tilt sock. I test knit the first Tilt sock many moons ago, then didn't do the mate to it right away because I had some other deadline to get to. I still haven't started it, though, and I would like to. But, a travel sock requirement is simplicity and not needing a pattern. None of the socks I mentioned fall into that category, so this weekend it will be toe up stockinette. I love the colors of the travel sock, so I will not be too disappointed to knit it.

Packing - DH and I are going to Montauk, NY to spend 4 days at Hither Hills campsite. We are towing our boat with us (which will make the drive take longer) so that DH can go fish wherever and whenever he wants. I think he feels about fishing the way I feel about knitting, so I understand. The good part of that is that we can be together and each do our own thing. Life is great. I am really looking forward to this trip and the time at the beach and on the water. There is yarn store in Montauk (a very nice, one - Purl by the Sea) but I won't go there this visit unless I need a needle or some tool. I think I have purchased enough yarn for a while. I can't believe I just wrote that, but that's how I feel. Not that I will tell DH that - he won't forget it and then if a crazy urge should come upon me in a month or two, he'll remind me ...

We will be tent camping. We haven't done that in several years. We did buy a queen size air mattress (with car powered pump. No, I am not getting my exercise by hand filling it, thank you) so we will not be sleeping on the ground, but it's been a long time since we've camped. Actually, the last few times we stayed there (in the campground) we rented a pop up camper. The last few times we went to Montauk for vacation, we stayed in a hotel. This time we are going basic, though we will have the necessities along. Tent. Air mattress. Sling chairs to sit on. Diet Dr. Pepper and chocolate, maybe some wine. And knitting. ; )
I plan to bring Bob's white sweater and hopefully get at least half a sleeve done. I will bring the travel sock, Clapotis, and I am not sure what else. We'll see what jumps into my bag tomorrow.