Thursday, November 19, 2009

Small projects today

I was right. The hat did make a good travel project. I will transfer the ribbing to size 1 needles and re-knit it. First I have to find/buy more size 1 circs.

Tonight is knit nite at my LYS. I plan to work on the hat (DH hopes to go fishing again this weekend and there's a chance I can get it finished by then) and the Sunshine socks. I won't try to knit on the He Gansey tonight - I have to get settled into the pattern in a quiet place before I can think about knitting on it in public. I would knit the sleeves - double moss stitch - but I have to pick up the stitches and knit down, so the front has to be finished first. That will make excellent weekend knitting. I expect to be able to finish the front this weekend.

DH is with the audiologist now for his second "fitting". She will test and make adjustments to try to help him get the best use from the device. He also gets homework. giggle.

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