Monday, November 23, 2009

Good weekend

Saturday: Nancy and I had a great time at The Mannings trying out wheels and browsing at yarn and tools and fibers, etc.

Nancy will be getting a Kromski Sonata! She bought some fiber to play with so that as soon as the wheel arrives, she can begin.

I was so good! I needed some size 1 circs for my winter sock knitting and bought those. I finally took the plunge and bought Addi lace turbos. I didn't buy anything else. I have plans for a sweater for after the new year but will buy at my LYS and didn't allow myself to get sidetracked into buying anything else - sock, lace or other yarn or books.

We made a day of it and once I got home, I was not motivated to do anything. We ate a wonderful dinner, I did the dishes and then sat and knitted.

Sunday was a morning of chores and then football watching. The Ravens almost beat Indy. Almost. Sigh.

The He Gansey front was almost completed. Then I discovered that, as I had feared, I missed some shaping instructions and I have to rip 15 or so rows. Bummer. It looks good, though. Bob's warm fishing hat is complete except for pompom making. One Spiraling Corialis sock is ready to be bound off. The purple Sunshine is longer - I think I have about 6 more rows and then it's time for some hell work. Swatches for a new year KAL (Mondo Cable sweaters by Chic Knits) are in the works.

The bag that my MIL had started for me (that I finished knitting) now has straps and can be used.

I enjoyed the sunshine yesterday and it's a good thing. I think we won't see any more sun this week. Ugh.

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