Sunday, May 26, 2013

The baby arrived and all are healthy

Baby and mother are healthy and happy even if a little sleep deprived. Actually, my brother is also sleep deprived. He took a few weeks off to be home with his family and is an actively participating daddy. I finished knitting and weaving in the ends while they watched and handed over the blanket without blocking. Oh, well.

Once the baby blanket was finished I did pick up Topiary to finish. I have been making decent progress but it's not photo worthy, just more of the same. I am going to love snuggling into this wrap when it's finished! Whipporrwill (shawl) is also progressing well and I have picked up the Cameo shawl to finish.

Surgery is looming. Thursday, to be exact. I am not scared but not looking  forward to it at all. On the bright side, mom is coming for a visit and to tend to me. I'm going to put her to work on the gardens. She loves gardening and I haven't gotten around to much of it this year.

We hope to be out on the boat tomorrow for the first time this year. Fingers crossed that the wind cooperates.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Another post without photos

The baby blanket measures about 27 inches now and I am really tired of knitting it. I will persevere, though, and knit as far as I can get by the weekend. we a going to NY to visit Mom and should be seeing my brother(the one with the new baby) while we are there. However long it is by that point, it will get the garter edge and be bound off. : )

The Whippoorwill shawl is growing in length but I think growing in width more, at last right now. I have decided to add some beads to it and have been placing them every 10 rows, and 10 stitches apart, though offset from the previous row. I think I like the look but if I get further and decide that I no longer like it, I will just break the beads to get them off. I am not stringing the beads but using a crochet hook to slip them on the appropriate stitch. It makes a great project to knit on while doing other things or when I am really tired.

I have decided to pick up Topiary to finish next, once the baby blanket is finished. I think it will be great to have that to wear to Rhinebeck. Yes, I am gong to Rhinebeck this year. It's probably crazy considering what else is going on but I have been looking forward to this trip for a while and by that time I will probably feel entitled to a treat after all of the cancer treatments I will have been through. Melanie booked a room in a B & B and I can't wait! It's less than 6 months away now. : ))

The veggie garden has been tilled and the tomato and green pepper plants have been planted. Other seedlings (that I stated from seeds) are still in their peat pots on the deck but will get planted next week. (I would have planed them this week if I had enough energy.)

This is the first week since December or January that I have worked 3 days in a row. I am very tired and can't wait to get home. It feels pretty pathetic to be so tired after just 3 days but that's where I am at right now as far as my endurance level goes. I feel very frustrated that I can't do more. I try to be patient and I am working to find the balance between challenging myself to do a litle more each day and not stressing my body by doing too much. That is a hard thing to do normally and it will be a bit harder this weekend. when we are up in NY to visit Mom, I generally do extra stuff for her, take care of her, do a little TLC. This time I can't. That makes me feel bad. Spending time with her will be good, though.

Have a good weekend.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Juego is no more

I ripped it out 2 nights ago and started knitting Whipporwill with the light color yarn (from Creatively Dyed yarns), will use the deep purple (Jitterbug)  for the accent color near the bottom. I am very happy.

The baby blanket is coming along nicely. I sort of got sidetracked with the shawl thing but since the baby is due in a week or so, I had better get cracking!

Maryland Sheep and Wool festival is here! I am going, for just a few hours on Sunday, with Melanie and her children. I have to stay away from the creatures, wear sun block and take a few other precautions, but I can go! I don't need to buy anything - I just want the atmosphere and the inspiration. We will have fun, I am pretty sure, and help each other stay in line with purchases. ; )

On a very sad note, eldest son's cat died on Wednesday. It was a sudden and an ugly death but at least we were with her. She was his cat for sure but we all became very attached to her and her part in our daily lives. Her death leaves a huge hole in our lives.