Saturday, November 07, 2009

No boating today

The winds conspired against us. Winds that, 2 days ago were forecast to be 5-10 knots were, this morning, forecast to be 10-15 with gusts to 20 knots. I opted out, DH decided to give it a try. Once he arrived at the marina, though, he changed his mind. Other boaters who had been out (at this time of year there are not many, and they are the true diehards) were coming back in. The wind had truly picked up. DH decided he would stay in.

My knitting projects today included trying on the part of eldest son's earflap hat that I had knitted only to discover that, as I suspected, it was too loose. I frogged it and have re-knit it on 24 fewer stitches. I tried it on my head and it fits - I think it will do for eldest son, also. It looks good.

I worked on DH's He Gansey after I wove in the ends of the Elemental Boatneck. The finished garment will now go into the washer on the delicate cycle for blocking purposes. I will knit lots of He Gansey stockinette stitch. ; )

I sat in the sun on the deck for a while this afternoon and it was wonderful. As soon as the shade started to take over, though, I was cold and had to go inside. That makes me wonder about boating tomorrow. I had thought that I might give up watching the Ravens tomorrow so as to spend time with my honey doing something he loves. If I got cold in my yard at 2:30, what will happen on the water? Hmmm ... Warmth, sitting comfortably in my living room, watching TV and cheering the Ravens on vs. sitting outside, probably in the sun, spending time with DH, freezing my fingers off. I have a decision to make.

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