Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Tour de Sock 2014

Yes, I am alive and knitting. ;-)

Since MDSW I have been knitting away on WIPs, trying to clear some of them out of the fiber closet and into the clothes closet. The Whipporwill Shawl is finished but not yet blocked. The ends are woven in but it needs a good soak and pinning out. Maybe this weekend.
Other things finished - The Little Deschutes second sock is complete! The Maze socks are also complete! That finishes all of the 2013 Tour de Sock UFOs that were hanging around. The Escalator sock I was working on is also finished, though that is only the first of the pair. The cardigan is still on the needles and has been getting some attention off and on.

Tour de Sock 2014 has started and I cast on these wonderful cabled socks on Sunday. I am using Cascade Heritage Paints in a beautiful blue/purple colorway and loving it.
I hope to get this pair finished by June 10, which is when the next pattern is released. I chose to work this pair at the same time on separate needles. We'll see how that goes. I find it harder to estimate my progress that way but it does avoid second sock syndrome. :-)

I have to plan out what I want to do over each weekend, and set priorities. I have lots of ideas but I am not yet where I need to be with my stamina to do everything I want to do. I found out about a month ago that my thyroid gland was damaged by the radiation treatments, so I have to take supplements. That alone is not that big a deal - it's 1 little pill once per day. The emotional blow was a bit tougher. I just didn't want to hear that I had another thing wrong with me. Sigh. I am used to the idea now and really do seem to be getting stronger on the medication.

I have started walking again. This time I hope it stick. I started walking a few weeks ago but didn't get far ....
I think I will do better since I am expecting to continue to get stronger with activity rather than weaker due to the thyroid supplement. We walked 1 mile the first night, 1.5 miles the next 2 nights. Then it was the weekend and nothing happened. I did as much as I could around the house and had no energy left for walking in the evening. This week so far we have walked a little over 2 miles/night and that feels good. I think I would like to stick with that distance for this week so that I don't over-do. The doctor says a little pushing is OK but not too much.

That's all for now. Have a great week.