Friday, December 20, 2013

It's clear!

Nothing to worry about on the mammogram! Yippee!!

Knitting has been slow and spinning has not happened. This walking in a boot and working 8 hours per day is tiring!

Christmas shopping (limited) and prep will be happening this weekend. It has to, considering that the holiday itself is just a few short (very short) days away. ;-)
I can't wait to see the tree with lights on. I don't care a whole lot about the other decorations but I love to see the lights on the tree. I plan to enjoy my foray out to the stores for a few presents and stocking stuffers. I enjoy doing that with DH each year. When we are home I will play holiday music and sing along (even though I can't sing anymore) and enjoy the holiday season.

Have a good, safe weekend.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Unknitting and not spinning

Atelier is no more. I was at the bind off of the body, had actually started it, and decided to try on the sweater to be sure the length was right before I did the bind off (lots of stitches). It was way too long, and I was busy measuring and trying to decide how far I had to rip back to place the pockets at a good level when I noticed that the arm openings were rather snug as I moved around. I had noticed this before but had myself convinced that this snugness would block out. I could no loner delude myself though. It really was to tight to wear anything under it and since it was a cardigan, wearing something under it is a necessity. ;-) Rip!!! I wound the yarn into balls, ready to get started again immediately. Then my brain jumped into action and asked me why I would start (re-start) a sweater now, just a few short weeks before I am scheduled (and anxious) to start a KAL with friends for another cardigan. With the same yarn (just different colors). My brain can be helpful at times and it was this time. I will wait until Cattails is finished before I cast on again for Atelier. I refuse to think about the hours wasted in knitting that thing.

I am knitting the Tilted Shadows wrap. I found, in rummaging through my yarns stash, several skeins of yarn that I no longer needed. My LYS owner was willing to accept the yarn that was current and thus I had a credit. Of course I couldn't leave the credit in place, I had to spend it right away, or at least most of it. I bought 4 skeins of Cascade Highland Duo, a very soft singles yarn in wool and alpaca to knit the Tilted Shadows wrap. I had been coveting it since I first saw and felt it a few weeks ago. I chose blue for a pop of color and then neutrals (gray, black and cream). I love the feel of it and, being stockinette with just a decrease at one end and an increase at the other end, a great project to work on when I am too tired to think but want to knit (which still happens more frequently than I would like. Like every week by Thursday and Friday!) It feels so soft and warm ....

I am now concentrating on knitting the vest version of Bernhardt for Mom (maybe I can finish it by the time we go visit in a few weeks), the Escalator socks (at least one) for Bob and, on nights when I can follow a chart, I'd like to finish my colorwork mittens from October. I'd love to knock out a few more WIPs before I start the new year.

I go to have my first post treatment mammogram done tomorrow. I didn';t think I would be nervous because the end of the treatments was so recent (my brain thinks that the cancer can't come back that fast, which is likely but not guaranteed), but I think I am a bit nervous after all. Have a good evening and send good thoughts my way tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Knitting and Spinning

I haven't updated you all on my recent knitting projects. I finally finished kitting the sleeves on Bob's sweater and they fit and it is complete. I gave it to him and he wore it a half dozen times in the first week! I think he likes it. ;-)

I finished Driftwood, bought buttons that I love and can't wait to wear it. It's a mostly cotton yarn so it will have to be layered or wait until spring.

I finished the Millers Hat that I started in Rhinebeck, it fits well and I like the way it feels and looks. it keeps me nice and warm. I am still adjusting to the idea of short hair and my head is cold a lot of the time.

I finished a test knit headband. I did not get the row gauge specified so it is narrower than I had hoped but I plan to find other yarn and make more. The design is simple but looks classy, I think. It's called Thula.

I have resurrected a pair of socks that I was knitting for bob a while ago in STR medium weight. The pattern is the Escalator socks and I really like it and the yarn. It is soft and squishy. I am heading towards the toe now (and will probably run short of yarn but DH won't mind another color used for the toes. I like a nice long sock leg) and hope to finish the first sock within a week or so.

Atelier is cruising along. I am down near the lower edge band, still have half sleeves to knit and the pocket liner to knit but the majority of the knitting is complete. I'd like to have this finished by the new year but I'm not sure I'll make it. That would be the last of the sweaters on the needles and I'd like to start clean for the new year with the KAL for Cattails that Melanie, Angela and I have planned.

I hope to continue with my WIP finishing well into the new year. I had a lot of things started last winter, started more when my interests and knitting ability changed with the cancer treatments, and now I would like to work towards clearing those out. I want to wear most of them and can give away the 1 or 2 that I might no longer like so I really do want to finish them. I'll keep plugging away and hope that I can get through at least half of them before I get castonitits again. ;-))

I also want to spin more next year. Spinning was the first thing to go with the cancer treatments. I miss it, but still don't have enough energy most days by the time I get home from work, eat dinner, clean up after dinner (yes, my DH cooks) and do my exercises to spin. Knitting is easier. I hope that by pushing now with the exercises that I will have gained some "spare" energy by January and can find even 10 minutes a few nights a week to spin again. I have a wonderful Shetland fleece to spin and many other braids and smaller projects to finish up.

I would love to post photos of all of these projects and will try to get them up. I also need modeled photos of the sweaters to be taken. I'll get to work on that.

Meanwhile, I think I will go knit on Ateler. And the escalator socks. Oh, and the Bernhardt sweater that I am making a vest version of for Mom. Those are my knitting priorities for now. Have a wonderful day and drive safely if you have been hit by the recent winter storms.


We made it! Melanie and I went to Rhinebeck together. For a while there I thought I would not make it but dreaming of fall weather and fiber kept me going during some of the rough spots of the last year. Melanie did almost all of the driving and organising. I appreciated it very much.

We left on Friday morning and drove to her parents house because they were kind enough to babysit for the weekend. then we headed off to upstate NY to our B & B. Melanie found this place and wow! the food was deliscsious! We ate at Terrapin and celebrated with wine and an ale to accompany our meal. We walked aroudn town a bit and stopped in a patisserie, bought desserts to share. We were meeting Ravelry friends later at the B&B and we all enjoyed the tasty desserts.

Right after fresh fruit, baked goods and omelets, off we headed to the fairgrounds. The traffic was light and we didn't have to park far from the entrance. It was a bit chilly - I am glad I wore a jacket over my sweater (not a rhinebeck sweater). We shopped and wandered and soaked in the wooll fumes for hours. We went to the Ravelry gathering, then did lunch at the festival. Lunch was followed by more shopping, but the booths were rather crowded so we didn't even try ot get into some of them. We were too tired to go to the place we had planned on for dinner so just stopped for sandwishes on the way back and ate at the B&B. There is a lovely fireplace there and we sat by the fire and knitted and chatted for a while. It was an early night to bed, though, so we could enjoy the next day.

Sunday dawned crisp and dry after the rain overnight. A Waffle breakfast was enjoyed before we packed up and checked out to head for the festival again. Our Ravelry friends decided to head home so Melanie and I were on our own. We had specific things to look for first thing and got those taken care of, then hit the vendors we had missed the first day. We meandered just a little but saw everything we wanted to see, spent the remainder of our money on wine and headed for the gate about 2:30. We hit traffic on the way back so that slowed things down a bit but I was home by 9PM.

Over all I had a wonderful time. I do not regret buying or not buying anything. I loved the fall weather for the fiber festival. That's one thing that Maryland sheep and wool does not have. There are some different vendors at Rhinebeck, too. I liked that we saw knitting personalities while walking around the festival. I really loved looking at the wonderful knitted garments people were wearing. I only added one pattern to my queue, though, because it was just impossible to stop everyone wearing something that I liked. ;-)

If I can figure out how to get photos from my phone to the blog I will post photos of my stash enhancement. I bought sock yarn in 4 colors from different vendors, someo lovely, soft yarn to make a hat (my hair is growing back but not fast and winter is coming), some fiber to spin and some buttons for a sweater. I almost bought a Rambouillette fleece. But not quite. The 10 lbs. 10 oz. made me hesitant. I have emailed, though, to see if the vendor will consider splitting the fleece. We'll see.

Happy Holidays!

This happens so often lately that I am not even going to apologise for the long lapse between posts.

I am feeling good. That is the best gift I could have for this year's Christmas. I still have work to do on developing endurance and muscle strength but I feel good.

September and October flew by with me dragging my butt to work and trying to increase my hours and strength. I felt many times that I wasn't making any progress and then DH would point out that a few weeks ago you couldn't do (something) and now you can. He was right, I was making progress and it was just slow enough that I couldn't see it on my own. Patience is not easy.

In November we gave ourselves a Christmas gift - we drove to Montauk, our usual vacation place. We had to skip vacation this year but I was yearning for a trip to Montauk. We took 3 days, stayed in our favorite hotel right on the ocean, and just enjoyed ourselves. We visited favorite places, ate well and Bob fished from the surf. He actually caught a few striped bass, including one keeper. It was delicious! I enjoyed every second of our trip. We saw some awesome stars one night, including the Milky Way. We saw some awesome surf, and had some sunshine. I knitted, he read and we just had a great time.

It's now December and I am behind on Christmas preparations. DH has been doing a great job getting the outdoor decorations up, and we need to get a tree this weekend. I need to start shopping, but since I have a broken foot, most shopping will be done on line.

Today was a snow day at home. I worked a half day from home and plan to get things neatened up in the living room so we have room to set up the tree, which we bought on Sunday. I have lists and plan to start shopping this week. luckily for me, many people want gift cards. This year they are going to get them. ;-) The rest will be purchased on line so i can limit walking on this broken foot of mine. Yes, I had a broken foot all the time I walked around Rhinebeck in October and in Montauk in November. It's no wonder that there is no signs of healing after a month. I never let it rest! The boot is on now and I am being very careful to take care of the foot so it heals.