Friday, October 24, 2014


I have decided that I am tired of being tired and not getting things done.

I have resolved to exercise or walk every day. I will write a blog post every week. I will keep up with chores and "things" better.

I can't really say what made me settle on those resolutions but I plan to work hard to stick to them. :-)

I finished 2 sweaters for myself recently! The On the Beach sweater is finished. Yippee!  The Chic Knits Hoodie is also finished. It's way too warm to wear that one yet, but the cool evenings may let me wear On the Beach very soon. I also knitted Puerperium, a baby sweater that I am knitting for a friend at work. She is having twins, so I am knitting two of the same sweaters, in the same yarn but different colors. They are 2 shades of green and I have added strips to the first one, planning to reverse the colors in the second sweater. The first sweater is complete other than buying buttons. I plan to wait until she knows the gender of the babies before choosing buttons. The second sweater has been cast on.

Melanie and I are planning a small KAL starting 9/15 , knitting Faberge, which is a 2 color shawl. I am using a gray and a very deep purple and planning to find some pink beads. I plan to concentrate on Robs Zigzagular socks and the North Sea socks until the 15th (along with the baby sweater). The cooler weather is getting here and I want to finish some sock WIPs. I started to knit the mohair bias loop last week (adding beads, randomly placed) but that is a low priority. That and Viajante will be knit when I need a change of pace projects.  :-)

Football season has arrived so I have to keep a few projects that are garter or stockinette at the ready for football knitting. The Os scarf is great for that right now but I need more than that. The handspun blanket and some of the socks will work for football knitting.

The windows are open and I love listening to the night creatures make noise. It's very relaxing to fall asleep listening to those noises.

I have news on the job front. I applied for and was offered a position in a new department! I will be working in radiation oncology research.

Well, I failed miserably in my attempts to post regularly but let's try that again. It is now October 24 and I started this post in September, I think the 19th or so. I have since started walking and then stopped (a combination of weather and starting a new job which cut down on my time in the evenings. I'm going to try again now that I am back from vacation. I'm still on vacation, just back from traveling.

I finished the second Puerperium, still have to buy the buttons. I love the sweaters! They are adorable.

Sorry the picture is sideways. 
Rob's Zigzagular socks were finished and on time for his birthday. He likes them and they fit well. 

I stopped a KAL (Faberge, a shawl) and started another, a sweater). Melanie didn't like her yarns together for the shawl KAL so I think we'll do that another time. Angela saw the sweater KAL and I was swayed ... It is a beautiful pattern and the yarn is wonderful. I love the color I chose, which is Tempest.

My current knitting projects include swatching for the new sweater, finishing the Cinder scarf I started in September, finishing the O's scarf (since they lost to the Royals so their season is finished) and Courtney's convertible mitts. 

I frogged my Viajante because I didn't like the yarn in garter stitch and started it again in a solid color. I'll try to post pictures soon. It's not very big yet. ;-)

There is a whole lot more news to tell but I think I'll save that for a later date and get this posted. Have a great weekend all.