Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is there such a thing as a sinus-ectomy?

Most of my migraines are triggered by sinus headaches these days, and my sinuses are going crazy. I had migraines on Monday, Wednesday (enough to keep me in bed most of the day), Thursday night, Friday evening and Saturday night. I am tired of saying and feeling "I have a headache" and DH is tired of hearing it. I would love to get the darn things removed.

Thanksgiving day is my day to bring out the Christmas dishes. I have a complete set of Christmas dishes that I use every year. I made the decision several years ago that I wanted them, and if I was going to spend money on a full set, I would make it worth while. My dishes come out on Thanksgiving day (yes, the exchange does add to the meal prep chaos. Why do you ask?) and stay out until mid-January or so. I love using these pretty dishes. I have the Winterberry pattern from Pfalzgraff. Each year I add an item or two. This year it was two flatware caddies so that the flatware (which does not fit into the appropriate drawer due to wide handles) have a sensible place to live.

We had a great time on Thanksgiving, visiting with Steve and Cheryl and youngest son. Even though he lives here, we so rarely sit and talk about things - he is usually seen only on his way in or out of the house - that I do consider it a visit. We chatted for hours about all kinds of things. It was a relaxed and relaxing day for all of us. Due to my headache I was glad to see them go when it was time, but was a great day otherwise.

I braved the crowds on Black Friday for a few hours, though not at dark o'clock. I got to the stores at about 9:30, list in hand. I had specific things I wanted to get at each store and got those items. I went to Kohls last, knowing that I would browse there, and browse I did. I went home with several holiday gifts in hand and a sore arm from carrying those times around the store until check out time. (they never have enough carts for the holiday shoppers). I got home about 3:30 I think. I was pleased with the crowd level and the courtesy of those I encountered.

On Saturday I washed and dried the clothes and did some cleaning up in the house. I did a little holiday decorating, too. Sunday was a boating day. Yes, we were on the boat on the Chesapeake Bay on the last Sunday of November. We have a radio on board and played Christmas music (and danced to it) on the way out of the marina. Very weird. But fun. We even caught dinner for tonight - a striped bass of just the right size for two for dinner. It was a beautiful day and I was very happy that I decided to go. It will most likely be the last time for me this year, though DH will almost certainly go again.

The Ravens played in the Sunday night game and won! Not by much, but it was a good game and they did win.

Today is back to work after a very nice long weekend. If I hadn't been plagued with headaches off and on all weekend, I would say that it was perfect. I am going to see the doctor on Wednesday to see what's up with these headaches.

On the knitting front:

Good - a lot of knitting was done over the weekend.

Bad - not as much knitting as I had hoped due to headaches.

Good - the He Gansey is about 10 inches along.

Bad - the He Gansey is only 10 inches along. I had to frog the entire body due to stupidity. I counted the gauge correcty but went the wrong way when figuring which size to make. I ripped thw entire thing and cast on again with the correct number of stitches. I hope.

Good - the Sunshine sock has a heel.

Bad - the spiraling corialis (the second sock) has not been touched.

I hope to be doing less re-knitting this week. I have faith that I can still complete the He Gansey before Christmas, and I'd like to finish the first sunshine sock by then, also. I am getting a new coat for Christmas (I don't get to wear it until the day) and I'd love to have a the Honka scarf done by then but that's not going to happen. Maybe the end of January is a reasonable goal. Double knitting is slow going. I also plan to have my swatches for the Mondo Cable Cardi done by Christmas. They might be done before then, depends on my mood and what I feel like knitting. Right now the He Gansey is calling me. And the sunshine sock.

Meeting time. 'Bye.


Jan said...

Hi Linda, thanks for visiting my blog and the comments about IK which echo my thoughts. I wonder if they realise the ill will which will come back to haunt them.

Hope your headaches improve. I'm much better now generally (60s) but have had sinus problems and also ear problems since I was three. Lots of nasty treatments and many operations too. Is it possible you may have a deep seated, under lying infection which has never cleared up?

Lynn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I so totally get loving the family, but needing that quiet time for ourselves. My kids are still fairly young and the energy level can get crazy!!!

Sorry to hear abt the headaches. I get migraines too, PLUS I deal with sinus issues as well. I almost ALWAYS get an infection during the winter unless I live on Sudafed the entire time.

Helen said...

I've always (well, okay for a really long time) wanted a set of Holiday Dishes. Winterberry is on my list of preferred patterns too.
Alas, I've never had the bonus funds available. I figure it's senseless to start with fewer place settings than I know I'll have at the table on the appointed day (though I suppose I could start with serving dishes).... and I keep spending that money on presents instead. Perhaps I'll remember come January, and they'll be on sale?

Helen said...

Oh, and I'm with you on the sinusectomy! I'm soooo tired of the sinus inspired migraines!