Tuesday, November 24, 2009

not a lot to report

I was home bound with a migraine yesterday. It interfered a lot with my knitting. Grrrr

The He Gansey was tried on and seems a bit snug. I have to check my gauge and calculations again. I hope I am not going to have to frog the whole bleeping thing. Why can I not knit a sweater for my husband without major re-do's?

It was Monday (thanks to the migraine yesterday) and Friday today. I am off until Monday. That is good. It is supposed to rain and/or be cloudy for most of the long weekend. That is not good. I will have lots of time for spinning and knitting this weekend. That is good. We will be having good friends over for the holiday meal. That is very good. There are 3 football games on Thursday. That is good. One of the teams is Detroit. That is not good. Eldest son is still not working. Very not good. I have a job and younger son has a job. Those are good things.

I guess the good outweighs the bad.

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