Monday, June 10, 2013

A lot to catch up on!

Wow! I am sorry. I didn't realize I was so far behind in my blogging!

First, cancer and surgery. I had my surgery, after several hours of delay, on May 30. They did a lumpectomy and axillary node dissection. I was reluctant but in the end decided to go with the known researched recommendations. Fingers crossed that I am not sorry later by way of a bad case of lymphedema. My doctor called and the biopsy is good! Clear margins ( they removed all cancer cells) and the lymph nodes removed were free of cancer! Yippee!!

The first week after surgery went pretty well but then I developed an infection in the area and have started antibiotics. I hope I can avoid being admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics but I am not sure. It doesn't look good this morning.

Mom was planning to visit for a week or so after surgery but never made it further than Penn Station in NYC. She tripped and fell, went to the ER for stitches. Are you seeing a recurrent theme here? I was very disappointed that she didn't come. I was looking forward to visiting and working in the flower beds together. That's her thing. Gardening. Melanie, being the good friend she is, took me out for a lunch date to cheer me up. Melanie, Emilie (her 3 year old) and I had a nice lunch and browse in the LYS.

Charlotte and her daughter took me out to dinner on Friday to celebrate the biopsy news . We had lots of laughs.

I had decided a while ago to sign up for the Tour de Sock race on Ravelry. For a registration fee we each will receive 6 sock patterns on a set date. We are required to knit that PAIR of socks within a 10-12 day period, meet certain length requirements and post photos before the deadline to earn points. There are many prizes. Those of us who know better or choose not to worry about points for various reasons join teams that are knitting more for fun than speed. :-) that's what I am doing. I had hoped that the excitement over the race would distract me from my worries about developing lymphedema, and it did help. I had hoped to finish one sock within the allotted time and for the first pair at least, I finished both socks with time to spare! The first sock was knitted in 3 days and the pair in a week! I have had time to knit on other projects in between stages of the race!

The speedy knitter/racers stayed up all night an some actually finished in less than 24 hours!!! Can you believe that?! Beautiful knitting, too. The first pattern was a lace pattern with a few beads added and I love them. The entry fee was worth it just for that pattern. I will add pictures when I can.

Since that first pair was completed I finished my Topiary Wrap! I made the large size but didn't do as many repeats as specified in the pattern. The wrap was almost 5 ft. Long pre-blocking and that's long enough for me to wrap up nicely. I hope to get the Tulips baby sweater finished as my next between stages project.

That's all for now. The next pattern comes out in 1 hour. Ready. Set. Knit!  :-))