Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We have lift-off!

The implant works! It will be a period of adjustment for Bob but it is so much better than I thought it would be the first day. He could actually hear me with his right ear! I did not have to raise my voice. I think I need voice training now, though. I need to learn to speak a little more softly but also slower and with a deeper pitch if I can manage it. The deeper pitch will be harder. I had vocal cord problems in the past and my voice is best when I speak in the higher pitches. We'll work it out, though.

In the past, I have had to speak to Bob aiming my voice at his left ear (the one with the better hearing). Now I can speak directly at him. He will get tired (re-training the brain is hard work) or frustrated and then he is supposed to take a break, turn the implant off and use his hearing aid on the left. I am so excited!

Back at work, I started the day cleaning up and re-organising my office. I spent about an hour today moving things around, trying to find out of the way places to keep regulatory binders that must stay on site but that are not in use anymore, since the study is closed. I have a tendency to put correspondence next to the binder it should go into and then spend a day filing - I will still do that to a certain extent, but I am rearranging so that the binder that I need most often are near me and then I can file things more frequently. We have a storage closet that needs work also, and I think I will ask DH to come in one day and help me to do that. Meanwhile, I will work on seeing my desk top more often. That's goal worth working towards, I think.

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