Thursday, November 12, 2009

new sock

I finished the hat for eldest son, but have not yet worked the earflaps. When he tried it on just after the colorwork section was completed, it seemed to fit well (the second knitting of that section) but last night it seemed a little loose. I think I will try to felt it a little to both shrink it and also to make the fabric tighter for more wind protection. I think if I try to remove another 24 stitches to drop another pattern repeat, it will be too small. So, felting is the plan for this weekend. I also plan to work the earflaps then.

I told my husband last night that I was going yarn shopping for a new pair of socks. He looked very relieved when I told him that I meant to shop in my own stash. : ))

I chose a semi solid deep purple colored yarn - almost an eggplant color. I purchased it last year at MD Sheep and Wool. The yarn was dyed by Sandra at Dragon's Stash. Pictures in a day or so.
With that yarn in mind, I chose the Sunshine pattern from Sock Innovation. I think this will be a good combo and I am looking forward to some cabling action (though it's not very much cabling, so it won't slow down the progress of the sock). I have not yet finished the travel sock, so I just did the cast on and 2 rounds to get it started. Since I can't anticipate when the travel socks will be finished (progress depends on waiting time and traffic) I like to have my next sock ready to go. I am now prepared. ; )

I knitted a few more rows on the He Gansey and hope to make lots of progress on that tonight. It's knit night at the LYS. Yippee! Nancy won't be there tonight : ( but others will and I love to see what other projects are in the works. You never know what might inspire you ....
On the other hand, with all of the projects I have in mind and on the needles, I don't seem to need inspiration. Well, socializing is great and that I will get tonight.

Tomorrow Nancy and I are going on a field trip to the Mannings. Nancy might be getting a spinning wheel for Christmas from her family and she will be taking some (most) of the wheels for a spin. giggle. I fully intend to encourage her. I can't go to the Mannings and come home empty handed, of course, but I do hope to limit my purchasing to something small - yarn for a hat for DH, possibly. He needs a nice warm hat that fully covers his ears when he is on the boat in the fall and winter weather.

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