Friday, November 06, 2009

Another new project started

I cast on for eldest son's earflap hat. I am winging this design because I couldn't find a pattern that was just right. The yarn is Cascade 220.

Thisis the beginning of the hat. Since I am winging it, I decided to knit the cap first and pick up stitches to add the earflaps.

I took a pattern from the book I won at Knitters Day Out and then changed it up a little so that the lines of the design were thicker. We wanted the red yarn to be more significant.

It looks pretty good, I think. Now I have to hope that it fits. I had to add some stitches for the pattern repeat over what Ann Budds book of patterns said to cast on. I hope the fact that it's stranded color work will help. If not, it will be frogged and one less repeat included. I am no stranger to frogging, that's for sure.

The He Gansey is a little longer and will be worked on tomorrow on the boat.

Yes, it is just about winter and it's rather chilly outside now. It's supposed to get to 30 degrees tonight, but the forecast high for tomorrow is about 60. Hope springs eternal. We plan to go fishing tomorrow. That is, Bob will fish and I will knit and try to stay warm. It should be fine in the sunshine. It's later in the day, as the sun starts to go down that I will be cold.

If I am not frostbitten by the time we come in, I will fill you in on the days events. ; )

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