Monday, November 02, 2009

New Projects. Sigh.

First, I have to tell you that I am still so excited that the Ravens beat the previously undefeated Broncos. I like the Broncos. I learned about football in Denver during the days of the Orange Crush. I had never watched a football game before we moved to Denver. Not once. You could not live in Denver without being aware of the Broncos. for instance, in the days of white uniforms for nurses, the hospital allowed orange shirts on game days! I guess I just sort of got sucked up by the crowd. I suppose. I am not sure how it happened - I had never been a football fan before and didn't intend to become one, but I did. An avid Broncos fan.

I remained a Broncos fan through our time (10 years) in Houston, TX and remained one after our move to Maryland. No one cheered louder than we did when John Elway and the Broncos finally won the Superbowl. But somehow the Ravens have gotten under my skin. I wasn't sure how I would feel about the game on Sunday, but it became very clear when I found myself cheering loudly for the Ravens. I didn't feel at all bad that the Broncos lost. They are now my second favorite team. Go Ravens!

I did knit some during the Ravens/Broncos game. I finished off the gift scarf including weaving in the ends. It needs a blocking and then can be gifted. I sewed the second sleeve into the Elemental Boatneck and hopefully I can knit the neckband tonight. I knitted some on the garter stitch scarf/shawl in purple alpaca. I knitted some rows on the Honka scarf. I could be happy knitting just that for a while. The design, the color changes .... I love it.

I swatched. DH's next sweater is to be a gansey style sweater. I am following a pattern this time, so there should be a lot less ripping and re-knitting. (I really hope that is true. I am beginning to think that I am destined to not knit sweaters for him). He liked the He Gansey in the No Sheep for You book, so that's what I swatched last night. I swatched stockinette stitch for the gauge and the double seed stitch and pine tree design for DH to see.

Being that he is a boat lover, I also swatched an anchor design for comparison.

The anchor is too large, in my opinion, to be repeated across the chest of the sweater - the charted design was better, but we agreed that I would include the anchor motif on the upper back of the sweater, just below the neck. He was very excited. I will be using Cascade 220 in a pretty, soft blue. I swatched, but resisted the urge to cast on. (pat on the back)

I also swatched for an ear flap hat. I found many designs on Ravelry, but not many that were just what I was looking for. Some were way too elaborate, some too plain and some just silly and my sons will not wear silly. I found a snowflake design and swatched that with Frog Tree Alpaca sport. I have some left from younger son's vest from last year in addition to some colors not used in that vest. I think I have found the colors that I want to use, but may still search for another design. I want to make a plainer one for elder son and will have to buy 2 skeins of worsted weight yarn for that. My stash does not yield acceptable colors in sufficient amounts of something that he will wear.

My swatches for the Mondo Cable Cardi have to be measured and washed. First I have to find them. (blush) I know I had them recently ....

ETA I found them. The measuring tape and paper come out next. I can't find the blasted instructions for the neckband for the elemental boatneck, so I can't finish that up tonight. Grrr.

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