Saturday, October 31, 2009

The good things

My rant is over for now and Bob did sleep better last night.

My Honka scarf is progressing nicely. Not fast, but nicely. Double knitting is still not an automatic thing for me and I tink at least a few stitches every few rows, but no major problems have arisen so I have knitted more than I have tinked and the scarf has grown. I love the color changes and that alone may make me knit a hat to go with the scarf. The yarn is black Cascade 220 with Silk Garden providing the color.

Bob's sweater has not yet been tried on so no progress to report there. Maybe this week, with the staples out, he will be OK to try it on.

My elemental boatneck has one and a half sleeves sewn in. It will be a priority this weekend to get that finished.

The gift scarf, reversible cables, has grown longer and should be finished this coming week. It should make good football knitting, and maybe I can even finish it on Sunday. I think I've knitted about 3/4 of the yarn. I suppose it will depend on the Ravens skill in the game - will I be spellbound, watching every play, needles barely moving or will I not want to watch a rout and finish the thing in the first half? LOL.

Both the travel sock and the second Spiraling Coriolis are near the ribbing and therefore near completion. I have not yet settled on either yarn or a pattern to replace those socks in my line up. I always have a pair of socks on the needle. Oh! I do have to finish my brother's socks. maybe that can be done during the second football game tomorrow.

Eldest son still does not have a job. It is so frustrating for all of us and very depressing for him. When will the economy turn around enough that companies will hire again?

We had hoped to get out on the boat this weekend but the weather is not cooperating. DH went out yesterday for a few hours and had fun. I require decent (mostly sunny) weather to accompany him and we don't have that today. It's not a possibility tomorrow since my two favorite teams will battle on the football field. Actually, I think the forecast is not favorable for boating anyway. Bummer.

I have started listening to the new Diana Gabaldon book An Echo in the Bone and am now addicted. The minute I think I will have 10 minutes to be alone I turn on the CD player. Terrible for productivity but I am enjoying it so much. I'll call Mom in a few minutes so we can compare notes. She is listening avidly also.

The mums around the pond are loosing their fresh look and falling over from the rain. They are still pretty, but starting to die off. The pond plants are settling into their winter state and the fish only beg for food on sunny days. Soon they won't even do that. Once the water temperature drops into the 60s they don't eat anymore.

The trees are dropping their leaves. The red leaves that I showed you on a previous post were on this tree last weekend.

Have a good weekend. Remember to "fall back" your clock tonight and enjoy the extra hour of sleep.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Staples out!

Bob went to see the surgeon this morning. He is healing well, the staples - surgical clips - have been removed and he can resume normal activities. Yippee! Maybe he'll be able to sleep better now.

We still don't know how much this implant will help Bob to lead a more normal life (each person reacts differently, but the doctor feels that Bob is a great candidate and will do well), but just the fact that there is something to be done, some possible help, is great. One of the things that frustrates me about his vision problems is that there is nothing that can be done about it. Nothing to help improve his vision or even stop the deterioration. I really hope that this implant makes Bob's life easier. He is such a good man - good husband, father, worker, son-in-law and whatever you can think of. A little good luck would be very much deserved and appreciated.

BTW, did you know that none of the news magazines provide large type versions? Apparently people with low vision don't deserve to be able to stay informed about world news and events. And no, he can't read braille and no, he can't listen to audio versions, even the evening news because he is also mostly deaf. Grrr.

We are checking into Kindle and Nook and others but from reading reviews about each, one of the major drawbacks is going to be that they use grey on grey. Many people with low vision (legally blind but not totally blind) need high contrast to read, and none of these devices are black print on white pages. There is no way to test reading ability short of ordering a device (and then paying return shipping if you decide that it doesn't work for you). The next option is to spend several thousands of dollars on a document camera, that then has to be read on a screen. Helpful, but not exactly comfortable for settling down for an evening's reading.

Well. The first step in getting more input for Bob has been taken. Now we wait for November 17.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Some of the trees in the area around me look like this.

Most others are full of the beautiful fall colors that make me smile when I step outside. Soon enough all of the tress will look like the first picture. Meanwhile, I plan to enjoy as much of this fall as I can.
DH came through his cochlear implant with flying colors. Not that he's wanted to fly recently, (or do much other traveling) but he did well. The pain and vertigo are both lessening. He might even be able to sleep the whole night through some day soon. The swelling has diminished quite a bit and the incision is clean and healthy looking. I would not be a good wife if I showed you the pictures ....

Now we wait for the swelling to go down further and the healing to progress to the point that on 11/17 the device will be activated for the first time. It's not quite the joyous occasion one would think, though it is the first step. That is the beginning of re-learning how to hear, or, more correctly, how to interpret what he hears into what he knows so that it make sense.

Knitting progress -

My travel sock, less than an inch of stockinette to go, then 3 inches of ribbing and I will have a complete pair. Yippee!

My scarf, made with a blend of wool, silk and bamboo. I am going to put this aside for a while to work on my Honka Scarf (double knitting) that I put away when it got too hot.

Chocolate Cherry Spiraling Coriolis sock, heel almost turned. These are some of the stitch markers I made with the letters on them to assist with navigation through new sock construction pathways.

Heel in progress

This is a gift scarf for one of the parking attendants I see frequently. She is so good with people - remembers names, remembers things about your family, made a few suggestions for jobs for eldest son to apply for. She asked if she could pay me to knit for her. I won't do that, but I will knit a scarf for her. Reversible cables, from this book. I think it's the first or second pattern in the book.

I plan to make a Mondo Cable Cardigan this winter. This is one of the swatches I have made. It's Rowan Felted Tweed Aran I love the look of the yarn for this project. I am a little concerned about the hand of the yarn against my skin (neck and wrists); though I would probably be wearing a turtleneck under it most of the time, I wouldn't want to feel that I had to have one on in order to wear the sweater.

This is Kathmandu I love the look and the feel. It would most likely not be as tolerant of wear as the previous yarn.

I had hoped to complete the sleeves on DH's sweater this weekend, but it's time for a try on session and his head hurts too much (from the surgery) to pull a sweater over it right now. That's on hold.

My Elemental Boatneck has all ends woven in and one sleeve sewn in! I had my doubts about the fit - the armscye looked way too big for the sleeve, but I think it looks good. I will try it on tonight to be sure that it's OK on me and not just lying flat. One more sleeve to be sewn in and the neck edging .... soon it will be wearable .....

I am on a finish the WIPs push right now. (1) Elemental Boatneck will be very soon, (2) Bob's sweater not too far behind it. (3) Travel socks are very close and the (4) Spiraling Coriolis socks should be completed in about a month. I have to wait for my LYS owner to get in the additional skein I requested so that I could make the socks long enough for me. They should go even faster once I have the travel socks done, since they will have no sock competition. The (5) Honka scarf will be worked on instead of other scarves I have in the works (except the gift scarf - I am not putting that aside) since I started that last year. I am planning on all of these being completed by Thanksgiving.

New projects, to be started after I finish these listed projects, include the Mondo Cable Cardi for the KAL at my LYS (after the new year) the Cardi Cozy that I started a while ago from the newest Mason-Dixon book, a gansey style sweater (in wool) for DH and a pair of socks from Cookie A's book. Oh, and the summer version of the Mondo Cable pullover/vest that I have already swatched for. I have to do measurements on the swatch, do some calculations to be sure I am knitting the correct size and then knit. I will knit that before I start the KAL in the new year so that I have knit the pattern before and am familiar with it. I sound busy, don't I? Spinning has to fit in there somewhere, and I am contemplating one of those ear flap hats for each of my sons .....

A last look at fall flowers - this looks like spring/summer daisies, but is really a mum, and it's the last of our mums to bloom. So pretty .....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Bionic Bob

Well. Bob had surgery on Wednesday to place a cochlear implant. We are very hopeful that this will help Bob's interaction with others as his vision gets worse. We won't know about the success of the implant for a month - they don't active it for a month due to swelling from the surgical procedure. Right now he is dealing with sore muscles, swelling, staples and diminished hearing (the implant destroys all remaining hearing in that ear). He is frustrated and tired, but doing well. Fingers crossed.

Knitting news includes casting on the second of my brother's socks, getting down to the last few inches of Bob's sweater sleeve, knitting on scarves and avoiding putting the elemental boatneck together. I've really been concentrating on work and then Bob's surgery. Maybe this weekend ....

The other thing that had me distracted this week was that my mother had a biopsy and removal of a growth on her leg the day before DH's surgery. I wanted to be with both of them and couldn't. Mom's surgery went well. She did have squamous cell carcinoma, but they had good clean margins and so she should not need more surgery. Thank goodness.

I hope to have more to post about in the next day or two and enough energy to take photos and provide more details. I'm tired and heading to bed. I might just cuddle up in bed with my new audiobook. Diana Gabaldon is one of my all time favorite authors and her newest book has just come out. Today I received my copy of the audiobook version of that book and I can't wait to get started on it. It's raining outside and chilly - a perfect night to stay indoors and knit and listen to a great story.

Friday, October 16, 2009

I think winter has come

It's cold and damp and nasty outside - the kind of weather that makes me want to just curl up in the house (possibly in front of a fire) with some chocolate and knitting (or spinning) and not budge. lucky for me it's now the weekend and i can do that - to a certain extent. There is the possibility of snow on Sunday. No boating for me this weekend.

I really feel bad for those attending the NY Sheep and Wool festival this year. The weather forecast is ugly. At the same time, I wish I was one of them. I have enjoyed that festival on the tow occasions I was able to attend. maybe next year ....

I have about 8 inches of sleeve knitted (from the underarm) on Dh's sweater. The end is getting closer. I haven't had time for much more than that knitting this week, though the alpaca garter stitch scarf has been getting a little bit of attention on the way to and from work. Not much progress, though, on other WIPs. I have a lot of plans for the weekend. too many ideas, actually, so tomorrow morning, while I let my Fosamax absorb, I will try to set priorities. Spinning, sewing the elemental boatneck together, knitting DHs sleeve, cleaning, laundry ......

Have a great weekend and stay warm and dry. Hopefully I will have photos in a day or so of some finished projects.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One sleeve chore complete

The Elemental Boatneck sleeves are complete! I was watching the Monday Night Football game last night and that's not conducive to weaving in ends or sewing pieces together, so that was not done, but the knitting is complete. Next up, weave in those ends, sew shoulders, knit neckband and sew in sleeves. See - almost done!

Bob's sleeve is an inch or two longer after my knitting time last night. I am determined to knit on that every night until it is done. I have a few more inches to knit before the decreases start. Since this was a top down, knit in the round sweater, there will be no seams to sew. I have been weaving in the ends as I go along, so that's up to date, also. Once this sleeve is knitted, all I have left to do is knit a neck band and it will be complete! Finally.

We are, I hope, making the switch to FIOS today. This art work appeared on our lawn last week, indicating progress in the installation process. Hopefully they won't cut any other important things while they dig to install their cable.

We have Comcast service, but FIOS just became available, and when I checked into pricing, I found that we will be saving money by getting their combination services - internet, HDTV and phone service. Since our home telephone is through Verizon now, we don't have to change the phone number, but we will have to change the email address. I dread that - it would be easier to change our phone number! They tell you to plan on a 4-6 hour installation, possibly longer since we have 2 computers and 6 TVs in the house. DH and eldest son are home today, handling that. I hope it goes smoothly. If all goes well with the installation today, tomorrow we will begin the daunting task of changing all of our accounts to the new email address. Ugh.

Our mailbox was destroyed a few years ago and DH decided to construct one for us. I suggested a flower box to beautify it, and was reminded that I don't do well dragging the hose out and putting it away frequently (required to water any flowers that might try to live in the flower box), but I had a response for that. I actually had in mind an artificial flower box. He liked the idea, too, and it was done. I am especially pleased with the arrangement that I have right now, for fall. What do you think?

More fall photos for you to enjoy. Have a great day.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall weekends

It was a wonderful day yesterday. I did not go on the boat, though DH did. I discovered that not only were the Ravens playing yesterday, but my beloved Broncos were also playing. We don't get to watch Broncos games often here in MD and I wasn't going to miss that opportunity, so i skipped out on boating.

While DH was heading out the front door at 6 AM (in 40 degree weather) I was snuggled in my warm, comfy bed. While he was motoring around trying to find fish, I was spinning on the deck. The temperature had warmed up enough that on the deck, in the sun, I was very comfortable in my Ravens shirt and a pair of jeans, spinning away. It was awesome! I enjoy spinning anyway, and to be able to sit outdoors in the sun to do it made my day. At 1 PM the game started , so I went indoors to watch TV. (I did go outside on many of the commercial breaks - I couldn't stay in for long while the sun was up.)

I yelled. I screamed. I cheered and boo'd. It made no difference. The Ravens lost the game. And they deserved to loose, given their performance in the last few minutes of the game. It was a close game, I'll give them that. DH was listening to the radio on the boat. Right after that disappointment, he started catching fish, so I guess his day was made also. He caught lots of fish, mostly small bass but did bring home one keeper that will be dinner on Tuesday. Yum - baked striped bass.

In my short trips out to the deck (on commercial time) I cleaned out the railing boxes because the flowers are mostly dead. I cleaned out the bird feeders in preparation for fresh food. I watered the plants that weren't dead and filled the bird bath. I finished up the last 3 loads of clothes to be washed and dried (on the line).

The Denver game put me in better spirits - they won! During the games I knitted on the sleeve for DH's sweater until my wrists started complaining. I think I have about 4 inches (below the armscye) knitted. Then I moved on to the sleeves for my elemental boatneck. One sleeve is now complete and the other needs only about 4 more rows. That's progress! Soon I will be sewing that garment together. I also managed a few rows on the garter stitch shawl/scarf I started a couple of weeks ago on the boat. (After I dropped 6 stitches down and fixed a mistake. Yes, it is a garter stitch scarf. Yes, I did make a mistake. Yes, I am sometimes an idiot.)

We had supper and I watched some of the Sunday night game, then headed into bed for a few more rows of knitting and a little audio book listening. I am really enjoying this series of books - not deep, not especially realistic, but entertaining. The author is Rose Connors, and I finished the second book in the series of legal mysteries last night. After I should have been asleep. Oh, well.

On Saturday DH harvested the last of the potatoes we grew this year. It was a not well done experiment to see if we could grow them. Despite having used cut up potatoes from the pantry that started to grow on their own instead of buying seed potatoes, and in spite of planting them late, we did get potatoes! We will be doing this next year. Correctly. Our entire harvest will make one meal. LOL.

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. Here are some of the glorious signs of fall around my house.

Fall leaves

The last Mandevilla

Montauk Daisies

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My bead tackle box

I mentioned in a previous post that I had a new, portable bead storage system. Here it is - a bead bag disguised as a fishing tackle box. DH received this as a gift last Christmas, but I coveted it from the start and he agreed that I could use it more than he could. There is a pocket on the outside that holds beading wire and other bead stringing supplies.

They should have added a pocket on the other side, but didn't. Inside the bag, on the top flaps are two zipper pockets that hold tools - scissors, crimpers, etc.

Inside the box/bag there are 4 plastic containers with adjustable compartments to hold my beads. I find that the smaller beads need to live in plastic bags in order to not spill all over the box, but the rest are OK.

I have sorted the beads in to some order that makes sense to me and the findings are in their own box.

I can now safely move about, travel or whatever with my beading supplies without worrying that the box will open or get wet or suffer whatever other catastrophe lurks around the corner.

It was not a day for boating today, so this is shaping up to be a day of chores at home. Tomorrow we may go on the boat. It is football day, so this will be a great sacrifice on my part .... Actually, I think I will really enjoy the relaxation of being on the boat and I can still listen to the game on the radio. It's not the same thing as watching on TV of course, but being on the boat on a sunny day has its own rewards.

I plan to do some spinning today. I have the wheel positioned, have loaded a new audio book on my player and have chosen the fiber for the day. I would like to spend a good 3 hours or so spinning today, in between washing clothes and relocating some plants in the yard. Tonight and tomorrow will be knitting time.

Enjoy your day.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

not much news

It hasn't been a good week and I have made very little knitting progress as a result. The sock is a little longer and only 5 rounds from being at the heel. The "other" blue scarf is getting a little longer and I really think that this will be the one I keep rather than the first pattern. I like it a lot.

I worked for 14.5 hours on Wednesday, and my foot is hurting (from the surgery) quite a bit today. I have taken more medicine today for the discomfort in my foot than I took all of last week. I hope the inflammation dies down soon.

I am a big Diana Gabaldon fan, and got my mother reading the books also. We have entire conversations on the phone about Jamie and Claire, and even my husband knows who I am talking about when I mention those names. I pre-ordered the audio book version of her newest book and (while I was on the site) ordered a Mary Thomas book that I had been thinking about for a while. It arrived last week. (the audiobook has not yet arrived)

I believe that I am going to enjoy reading it. There are many interesting illustrations

and stitch pattern charts (hand written).

(I have no idea why these photos loaded in this direction, but I can't seem to change it. sorry)

I am going to go knit now so that I can say that I accomplished some knitting tonight. Have a great Friday.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Weekends go so fast

Saturday's weather turned out beautiful. I had actually decided not to be lazy and to go with DH on the boat. I made one more check of the marine forecast to help me to decide on clothing items to bring along and the forecast had changed. We spent a calm, wonderful evening on the water.

No fish for DH, so he was disappointed in that, but the evening was so nice that he didn't really complain too much. The sunset was very pretty, as were the clouds in the sky.

The full moon rose early and added to the beauty of the day.

I was looking for a simple to knit project to work on while on the boat. DH's sweater is white and I've made the mistake of bringing it along before. The sweater in the works has already been washed once. I finished the felted bag knitting, so that wasn't an option. Can you tell where this is heading? Yes, I cast on for a new project. It's a small shawl/scarf, mostly garter stitch but with a pretty edging that will come later. It's called mara. The yarn is some alpaca that my MIL gifted to me several years ago in a wonderful purple. Due to the gauge of the yarn, it will be a scarf rather than shawl, but that's OK.

I will limit knitting on this (the garter stitch part) to times when I need something brainless to knit on so that it doesn't interfere with the completion of my other projects.

I got as far on the sleeve of DH's sweater that I am knitting in the round now - the short row sleeve cap is finished.

I swatched one of the alternate patterns that I found for the soft blue yarn, and I really like it. It is a very open pattern, so it would do almost nothing to keep my warm, but it looks great. I may just switch to that pattern and find something else to keep me warm.

I knitted a few more rows on the cashmere lace scarf and wove in the ends on my brother's sock but didn't cast on for the second sock.

Sunday was cleaning (I hate to do it but love the results) of the bedroom, bath and living room. I washed clothes, dried them on the line and then watched football and knitted.

I never did get to the spinning this weekend, but I have all week ... except tonight. Not only is it football night, but I have ironing to do. I try to avoid purchasing clothes that need ironing, but am not totally successful. I wait and wait to do the ironing until I have not much choice. I do have an out for tonight - I could wear scrubs most of the week ....

I knit on my chocolate cherry spiraling coriolis sock every day on my way to and from work (and if I have to wait someplace during the day) so that doesn't get touched in the evenings. I am still working on the arch expansion before the heel but it's close.

Today is eldest son's birthday. He's 32 years old. Now how old does that make me feel? Very. He's made some bad choices in his life but he's changed that kind of thinking and is working very hard to turn his life around. The economic situation is not helping, and that's unfortunate. He needs some positive reinforcement for his good choices besides knowing he is making the right choices. Keep your fingers crossed. He's worked hard and he deserves it. I am very proud of him.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Weekends are wonderful

Last night when I went to bed I did not set the alarm. : )) I slept until I woke this morning (about 8:15). That alone would make weekends wonderful. Then there is all of that time available for other than work pursuits - knitting, spinning, reading, gardening, boating, the list goes on and on. I love it.

The week went better than I thought it would at first. I do feel so much healthier, but I found out on Thursday that I am still recovering and need to take care and rest. I was at the knit nite at the LYS. I had gotten there earlier than usual and was enjoying conversation and seeing people I've been missing (I haven't been there fore several weeks) and meeting some I have never met. All of a sudden I felt so tired, I was sure that it had to be 9 PM already, but no one was getting up to leave. It was just before 8 PM. I got up and went home anyway, went straight to bed. LOL Lesson learned.

I did not get as far on DH's sleeve as I had hoped, but I did work on it on Thursday. I also worked on my sleeve and my brother's sock. The sock was bound off last night. Today I will weave in a few ends and cast on the next sock.

The felted bag is dry and I will be using the knitted cord for straps. I hope to attach those this weekend. It's a firm enough fabric that it doesn't need lining, but I may put in some reinforcement for the bottom to keep it from sagging, and if I do I will add a lining to hide that.

During the consultation with my fellow knitters at the LYS the opinion was to continue with the current pattern on the blue scarf I have been knitting. I may still swatch on more pattern, but I think I agree.

DH hopes to go on the boat today but the marine forecast has changed and now the winds are not supposed to be as low as originally predicted and there is the chance of thunderstorms, so I am not sure what we'll do.

Last night I pulled out my beading supplies. Just before vacation I organized those and have a new, portable storage system for them. (I will take pictures this weekend and share later.) While on vacation I made a few letter stitch markers to help with my Cat Bordhi sock knitting, but I wasn't satisfied with them. Yesterday I stopped at the local store and picked up a few more supplies and made some good stitch markers with letters on them. I think they are cute and they will surely do the trick. If I can get this wire twisting thing down better I will make more stitch markers - decorative ones. I did make 2 pairs of earrings and a bracelet. They are very simple, but it was fun.

October 21 will be a big day in this house. DH, in addition to being legally blind, is mostly deaf. He has used hearing aids for years and has been struggling for years because they just don't help that much. On that date in October he will be getting a cochlear implant. We had our appointment with the audiologist yesterday to choose the device and color. It was very interesting indeed. DH will have surgery this month, then have a very tough month to follow because they don't activate the device until about a month later. So, for that first month he will be essentially totally deaf in that ear. That makes it very hard for him to hear, even with the hearing aid in the other ear, and very frustrating for both of us. With the goal in mind, I hope I can be graceful and patient through this period.

After the initial month, the work begins. They activate the device and DH will have to learn a new way of hearing/interpreting what he hears and incorporating that with what his brain knew before as that sound and converting to what he hears now as that sound. He is gong with the Nucleus 5. It's supposed to be the most water resistant (very important to us with all of our boating time), very reliable and had the best control options for Bob to manage with his decreasing vision. We are both nervous but excited to see what this can do for DH's quality of life, which really sucks right now and is going downhill as his vision disappears at an alarming rate. I have very high hopes.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

I feel good!

I feel healthy again! Yippee!

Spinning has not yet resumed, and I doubt it will tonight as it is knit nite at the LYS, but this weekend will change that. I can't wait to sit in front of the wheel.

Knitting progress this week:

My spiraling Coriolis sock in Chocolate Cherry yarn is getting longer every day. I have taken it as my travel sock for a while. I am anxious to get this pair finished and in the sock drawer for use. I want to see how the different construction feels on the foot. I have about half of the arch expansion stitches done and that means that I am nearing the heel.

I knitted a few rows on my cashmere lace scarf last night. It was good to work on that again.

My brother's first sock is about 2 inches of ribbing from completion. It is probably long enough now but I have the yarn, so I am making it longer than I think he needs. He can always fold the cuff down over the top of the boot.

The felted purse started by MIL is felted and drying. I have only to decide whether to use the knitted straps and sew them on or buy some leather straps and attach them. I might make a pocket or two and add those to the inside, though. We'll see when it is dry.

The mobius has been blocked and is ready for wearing.

Tonight I will work on Bob's sleeve - maybe I can finish the sleeve cap short row portion tonight (if I don't browse too much).

My sleeves for the elemental boatneck are moving along, and as before, progress seems slow. I am plugging along. Those will also go with me to knit nite for when I need a change from knitting with the cotton. The Hempathy is not more flexible but it is lighter and knit on a different size needle so it is an acceptable change of pace from Bob's sweater sleeves.

Fall has come in a big way. It was in the low 40's when I got up this morning. I stated very firmly to DH last night that I WILL NOT be the one to turn on the heat for the first time, but this morning I wasn't so sure. I wore a jacket while applying makeup and fixing my hair. LOL. I did use the heat in my car on the drive in.

I love fall weather, the season. I feel somewhat sad that it's the end of the summer and the warmer boating and gardening activities, but I enjoy falling leaves (I even enjoy raking them up), garden clean out, boating in cooler weather (it's nice not to sweat) and just the feeling of things changing and renewing. I know that renewing is usually a spring thing, but I also know that the plants, grass, garden, etc. needs the rest to start again so I think of this time as the beginning of the renewal for nest year. Pretty soon the bushes filled with these buds

Will be filled with these flowers - Montuak Daisies.

DH and I are discussing possible changes in the garden for next year. We really like being able to go out to the garden to pick fresh tomatoes, green peppers etc. for our dinner salad, and there's nothing quite like green beans steamed fresh from the garden. This year's garden did not produce like it has in other years, and one of the things DH noticed was that due to neighboring trees growing in, the area doesn't get sun like it has in years past. We think we have to re-locate the garden for next year and have to decide on the new location. We also have to decide what to do with the area it's in now - turn it back to grass, grow things that require less sun there, plant shade tolerant bushes there? We have all winter, but we are also planning to replace the shed that is in that corner of the yard, so it would be nice to have some ideas in place before that construction starts.