Monday, September 02, 2013

Back home

We went to NY and spent 3 full days plus a little with Mom and my brother. It was good that we went. Mom is getting more frail physically as well as mentally. I was able to rest a lot, though not as much as if I had stayed home. I got lots of knitting in, though, and that's a good thing. I am home alone today, or at least for a few hours today. Bob and Rob and his girlfriend went out on the boat. i opted not to go because I want to be as rested as possible for going back to work. It's nice being home alone once in a while. ;-)

I finished the first of the Ravens socks and cast on the cuff of the second.

I completed the heel of the Lebowski socks and am working on the gusset decreases. I really like how they are coming out. Once I get a little further along I will get a good photo of the eagle on the heel flap. I like how it came out knitting it more stranded than intarsia as called for in the pattern. For Tour de sock we had to prove that we knitted it using mostly intarsia but this one is being knit the way I want to knit it.

I also started to knit a log cabin style blanket with my natural colored handspun and so far I like it. I am changing needle sizes and adjusting stitch counts as I need to for different weights of yarn.

Look! I added a picture! I finally spent some time figuring things out. Not sure I have it all settled yet but at least I can upload from the real camera (since this computer doesn't seem to have access to my phone photos despite the fact that they are both Apple products. Drat it!)

Here is my Driftwood sweater. I joined for the body a bit sooner than called for in the pattern because I didn't want the opening to be quite so big. I am enjoying this project in general and it's a nice change from the socks, which I am also enjoying knitting.

I go back to working tomorrow, as close to full time as I can manage. I like time off from work but not for the reasons I have had lately so it's a good thing to go back to work. I sincerely hope that life will go back to normal from now on.
Happy knitting and enjoy your holiday.