Saturday, November 29, 2014

Frogging away

The knitting has not been going well lately. I seem to be making miscalculations or mistakes or some other problem and I feel like I will never ever finish anything again. Unless you count frogging everything finishing ...

Courtney's mitts are not going well and will not be done for another few weeks at least. I ripped the second one back to the cuff, added stitches for the circumference and did the thumb gusset differently. I plan to start the flap/ inside section seperation as soon as the thumb gusset is finished and make the whole mitten wider. When this one is done I will rip the first one back and re-work it. Sigh. I should have chosen a pattern instead of mixing 2 to get what I wanted.

Bob's Escalator socks get frogged also. I should say the second one was frogged. It kept coming out too wide despite needle size changes. It turns out that I neglected to record using fewer stitches in the leg. 56 stitches instead of 72 makes a huge difference. :-(. Another deep sigh. At least now it will go faster.

I have signed on for a new sock race/swap on Ravelry. No, I haven't finished my Tour de Sock socks yet. Why do you ask? I just couldn't help myself. The plan is that you have 4 team members. There will be at least 6 patterns to choose from. You are encouraged to discuss and select sock patterns/colors that your team mates like. You knit 1 sock, send it and the yarn to the next person in line. Then you knit 1 sock of the next pair (all different patterns) and send that sock and yarn to the next person. Same thing with a third sock. Then you go back to the first sock you were sent by a team mate and knit the match for it. The second follows, as does the third. There are prizes along the way and it sounds doable and fun. So I will be in sock knitting mode starting on January 1.

Later in January I will be resuming my KAL with Angela. We were going to knit Capall Dubh togehter and along with the Carol Feller group. School was too much for her this semester so we will do our own KAL in the new year. I am looking forward to that. The sweater is sooooo pretty!

I have a gazillion things on the needles and a gazillion things more that I want to knit. Every time I think I have a plan figured out for my knitting projects, I get side tracked and do something else! I'm not even going to throw a p,an out there at this point. It will just be blown away. I guess I'll just say that I hope to finish some things between now and the end of the year.

I placed  an order with Knit Picks today. I have been trying to yarn diet and have been pretty successful. This yarn, though is for a Christmes gift, a sweater for Bob and, yes, a sweater for me. It's a good knit picks sale, though, so the prices were great and most of it is not for me. :-)

ETA On November 29. The Knit Picks order has arrived and I love everything! I also went to my LYS today to support small business. I picked up Cascade 220 superwash in navy and white to make a hat for my brother, 3 skeins of Mirasol Miski (shade 150, which is a teal color) to knit the Shawl collared Cowl and one ball of Lima to knit fingerless mitts. They had a sample of the mitts (Calypso Knits Easy Fingerless Mitts) on the table and they felt wonderful!!!

I started another pair of Mountain Man socks. This time they are for my brother. He has had a recurrence/metastasis of cancer and will be having to go to treatments in the winter this time. He is always cold anyway, so I am knitting the socks and plan the hat (listed above) for him. The hat will be knitted with Cascade superwash (since I know how he will wash it) in the closest thing I could get to NY giants colors - navy and white.

We had a good Thanksgiving though I missed visiting with younger son due to a trip to Target that lasted longer than I thought. We wanted to get an I pad Air for DH since that is the best way for him to read given his vision problems. We got a good deal but I still wish we had not been gone. We don't normally shop on Thanksgiving day and I don't plan to repeat that any time soon. :-(

Tomorrow we plan to buy our tree. I hope to get it set up in the house within a week. I baked cookies yesterday (they came out good for a change) and tonight we are having lobster! It was on sale at the store and we can't resist.

I hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

It's fall!

The weather out there has been rather chilly lately! Leaves are all over the ground, though in some areas, like our street, there are still leaves in beautiful fall colors clinging to the branches. I need a jacket or warm sweater to walk the half block from my new office to the hospital to see patients. I spent part of the afternoon yesterday pulling annuals and cutting back perennials for the year. That's always a sad time for me. I love fall but I hate to loose the pretty blooms and foliage

My castonitits seems to have eased a bit. I still want to cast on but not as urgently and I have been enjoying finishing things this week. Regarding those cast on items, I finished the socks I cast on for Bob. They are sleep socks, knitted with worsted weight wool, so it's not really miraculous that I finished them in less than a week. :-) I followed the mountainman sock pattern and it worked well.
I also started a pair of slippers, and I finished the first one and have started the second. I have made
progress on Courtney's convertible mitt (the second) and have completed the ribbing, established the cable pattern and started the thumb gusset. Those were things I concentrated on knitting this past week and I feel good about my progress.

I made a repair to a pair of my wool socks and put them back in action, repaired a hat belonging to eldest son and, the big accomplishment - I grafted the Lebowski socks back together!!!!!
 I had knitted a pair of Lebowski socks for eldest son last year and discovered after I finished them that I left out a whole colorwork section and the corresponding stripes so that sock was about 1.5 inches shorter than the other. I wanted to fix that but did not want to reknit the sock. I consulted my knitting expert Karen and she advised me on how to do surgery on the sock. Actually, she visited here (she lives in California now) and made the actual snip that started the unraveling after I placed the needles in the stitches. It took me all this time to get up the nerve to try the re-attachment but I did it in 2 sittings and now they are a matched pair. :-))

This weeks plan for knitting is to continue to work on Courtney's mitt, finish the slipper I started,  and work on another WIP - maybe socks, maybe the Coast Starlight shawl, maybe the Leaves hat. I'm not sure which. If I feel the need to cast on something, it will be either a hat to be knitted with my Cascade Lana Bambu or the Derica Kane sweater, to be knitted with silky wool from my stash (a previous sweater that didn't work out was frogged).

I spoke with Mom yesterday. She is feeling good, doing pretty well in her new apartment. I think she did very well adjusting to moving from her own, individual house to a downstairs apartment. I am not sure I would have done as well after more than 50 years in the same place.

I thought I would leave you with a few photos that I took while in Montauk. I had a great time taking photos and have a few taken in the same place but in different weather. I'll have those ready for the next time. Have a great week.

Monday, November 03, 2014

A disappointing football weekend

All of the teams I was cheering for lost yesterday! I am, of course, most disappointed in the Ravens very poor performance. I don't think that any of their players did a great job. In fact, I think they mostly played poorly. It's a good thing I had knitting to sooth my tattered spirits. ;-)

I have developed a permanent (it seems) case of castonitis. I resolve to finish this project or that before starting something new and in the new 24 hours I cast on at least one new project! What's up with that?!

I finished a knitted project! I finished Cinder, a lovely soft and cuddly scarf I knitted with Malabrigo Merino worsted in Paris Night. I don't have a finished photo yet but hope to get one, maybe later today.
It's blocked and ends are woven in, so it's ready to wear. :-)

I also finished the first of the convertible mitts I am knitting for Courtney (except for the thumb). I plan to wait on the thumb while I figure out if I want to do the flip top for the thumb too or just knit the thumb plain. I cast on the second mitt and hope to get the ribbing for the cuff finished over the next few days.

I blocked the O's scarf I knitted for eldest son. It feels nice and soft now. I have to embroider the year on it and sew the ends closed.

I am going to put my Capall Dubh sweater aside for now. I was doing this as a KAL on ravelry but also as a KAl with Angela. Angela is overwhelmed by school work and keeping up with family stuff right now, so we will do our own KAL in January. The yarn is Blue Moon Silky Victoria. My colorway is Tempest and I love it!

One of the projects I cast on over the weekend is the Tricky Dick slippers. I want to find some slipper patterns that I can make for the people I love to keep their feet warm. Everyone seems to be keeping the heat turned down to save money and I thought this might help make it more bearable. I am at the heel of the first slipper.

I also cast on sleep socks for DH with some worsted weight yarn. He is always warm but his feet are cold. They always have been and being a diabetic has made that worse. A nice pair of warm wool socks should help. The yarn is Elsebeth Lavold favorite wool in the Prussian blue color and I used the Mountain Man socks pattern to start. I switched to 2x2 ribbing after about 2 inches of 1x1 ribbing for the cuff just because I hate 1x1 ribbing.

I ripped out my Viajante because I didn't like the yarn I had selected and started again with a solid green yarn. Pictures when it's big enough to show something. This is a long term project, one I don't even count in my WIP list.

I have made no progress on the mohair loop with beads. I haven't quite finished ripping my Driftwood but most of the yarn is in little balls. That will be re-knit but not now. There are so many projects to knit on and not nearly enough time. (I know. It's everyone's complaint about their leisure activities).

I would like to say that I am going to finish 3 things before starting something new but that almost guarantees a new cast on project! LOL!

My new job is going well. I enjoy going to work (though I am home today with a cold. I have no voice and a very sore throat).

DH is working on an extended ramp for our boat to sit on in the yard that will prevent it from having to sit in the mud on the trailer and yet allow us to use the parking pad for cars. I can tell when he's been working on that project when I get home. He aches all over and doesn't move as well as normal. ;-) Poor guy. He will hurt like that tomorrow. It's move the rock and tamp it down day and he has to do the work alone since the rest of us go off to work. It will be ibuprofen time at dinner tomorrow!

Mom seems to be doing well in her new apartment, though she is very unhappy with her upstairs neighbors.  They do seem to be a bit heavy footed and apparently their grandchildren visit often and like to run around the apartment. Sigh. Nothing we can do about that. Mom is not able to handle stairs so moving her is not an option. She will be coming here for Christmas! I am looking forward to spending time with her for the holidays.

Have a good first week of November and I hope you don't have too hard a time adjusting to the new time.

Friday, October 24, 2014


I have decided that I am tired of being tired and not getting things done.

I have resolved to exercise or walk every day. I will write a blog post every week. I will keep up with chores and "things" better.

I can't really say what made me settle on those resolutions but I plan to work hard to stick to them. :-)

I finished 2 sweaters for myself recently! The On the Beach sweater is finished. Yippee!  The Chic Knits Hoodie is also finished. It's way too warm to wear that one yet, but the cool evenings may let me wear On the Beach very soon. I also knitted Puerperium, a baby sweater that I am knitting for a friend at work. She is having twins, so I am knitting two of the same sweaters, in the same yarn but different colors. They are 2 shades of green and I have added strips to the first one, planning to reverse the colors in the second sweater. The first sweater is complete other than buying buttons. I plan to wait until she knows the gender of the babies before choosing buttons. The second sweater has been cast on.

Melanie and I are planning a small KAL starting 9/15 , knitting Faberge, which is a 2 color shawl. I am using a gray and a very deep purple and planning to find some pink beads. I plan to concentrate on Robs Zigzagular socks and the North Sea socks until the 15th (along with the baby sweater). The cooler weather is getting here and I want to finish some sock WIPs. I started to knit the mohair bias loop last week (adding beads, randomly placed) but that is a low priority. That and Viajante will be knit when I need a change of pace projects.  :-)

Football season has arrived so I have to keep a few projects that are garter or stockinette at the ready for football knitting. The Os scarf is great for that right now but I need more than that. The handspun blanket and some of the socks will work for football knitting.

The windows are open and I love listening to the night creatures make noise. It's very relaxing to fall asleep listening to those noises.

I have news on the job front. I applied for and was offered a position in a new department! I will be working in radiation oncology research.

Well, I failed miserably in my attempts to post regularly but let's try that again. It is now October 24 and I started this post in September, I think the 19th or so. I have since started walking and then stopped (a combination of weather and starting a new job which cut down on my time in the evenings. I'm going to try again now that I am back from vacation. I'm still on vacation, just back from traveling.

I finished the second Puerperium, still have to buy the buttons. I love the sweaters! They are adorable.

Sorry the picture is sideways. 
Rob's Zigzagular socks were finished and on time for his birthday. He likes them and they fit well. 

I stopped a KAL (Faberge, a shawl) and started another, a sweater). Melanie didn't like her yarns together for the shawl KAL so I think we'll do that another time. Angela saw the sweater KAL and I was swayed ... It is a beautiful pattern and the yarn is wonderful. I love the color I chose, which is Tempest.

My current knitting projects include swatching for the new sweater, finishing the Cinder scarf I started in September, finishing the O's scarf (since they lost to the Royals so their season is finished) and Courtney's convertible mitts. 

I frogged my Viajante because I didn't like the yarn in garter stitch and started it again in a solid color. I'll try to post pictures soon. It's not very big yet. ;-)

There is a whole lot more news to tell but I think I'll save that for a later date and get this posted. Have a great weekend all.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Frog pond

My Euclid sock is no more. I completed the first tier and tried it on to admire my progress and I hated it! Not the pattern  -it's a great pattern and I found it interesting to knit. The yarn and pattern combo, though, was terrible IMHO.

I fully intend to knit this pattern but I will find a yarn that is either a light solid or has long color sections. This yarn, which I like, will probably become a vanilla sock or maybe just a simple rib pattern. I did save the cuff. 

I am about half way finished with the hood of the Chic Knits Hoodie and have completed another stripe on the On the Beach pullover. That's about waist length, maybe. I am on the 6th of 9 stripes. Then I have to re-knit the sleeves. Those do go fast, though. I have almost finished the gusset decreases on the Zigzagular sock and since I frogged the Euclid socks I can put one of the Tour de Sock UFOs back into rotation. 

I did some spinning yesterday and hope to do more today. This Polwarth I am spinning is so soft! I love the fiber and the colors. 

Once spun, this will be plied with the braid I spun previously and hopefully used to knit the Age of Brass and Steam scarf.  This is the singles it will be plied with.  

And this is the braid that I am spinning now. 

Well, that's all for now. I am heading outside to spread straw on the grass seed we just put down and then plant the mums DH bought for me. Have a wonderful day. 

Friday, August 22, 2014


I love my football! It's only pre season but I am enjoying having football back in my life. The Ravens played on Saturday night but we were out on the boat. I set the DVR to record the game because I am interested in seeing how the players, new and old, are performing this year. I have high hopes for a good season. I predict a 12/4 season this year. I sat and watched most of the game this afternoon while knitting away (and doing laundry). I knitted on the sleeve of my Chic Knits Hoodie and got as far as starting the ribbing. I knit on a sample (I won't keep this) of the Robin shawl for a friend who bought the pattern but was puzzled by the construction. I'll show her what I did and shell probably start hers up again. I also knit on the Euclid sock that I started last week. It took quite a while to get the construction but now that I have the first triangle started, I am good to go and think I will really enjoy this pattern. I'm not sure who the recipient is yet. 

Yesterday I had an MRI, went bead shopping with Melanie and then we went out on the boat. It was a gorgeous day! I didn't have my camera with me but the sunset was just as pretty as last week. I didn't do any fishing this time, though. I just sat and enjoyed the day. I had minor surgery for an ingrown toe mail and needed to keep the foot clean and dry and not stepped on. :-). I knitted on Viajante before we got on the boat (on the drive to the marina) and on the Os scarf and the hoodie while on the boat. 

ETA  It's now Friday night and I have just started another weekend. No boating planned this week. :-(
We'll stay around the house and do yard work and house work. It has to be done some time and the weather isn't supposed to be all that great so I suppose it's OK. 

The Euclid sock has a cuff and 3 triangles. I hope to get the 4th triangle done tomorrow and be ready to start the second tier. The Chic Knits Hoodie has the start of a hood. I picked up the stitches and knitted about an inch last night. This baby will be finished soon. :-)  The On the Beach pullover gets some attention (like tonight) but not as much as the hoodie. That's because the hoodie is closer to being finished and I really need the satisfaction of finishing something. The Zigzagular socks have also had some attention. 

One of eldest son's cats died a few days ago. She was an older cat that he adopted from the humane society and had been battling an infection for quite a while. I am happy that we gave her a happy home for the time we had her, though it wasn't long enough. We'll miss her. 

I hope to fit in some spinning this weekend, and I'd love to finish the hood of the hoodie. All that would be left would be button bands at that point. I'll try to rotate in some of my other UFOs as I finish things, but nothing else is really close to being finished right now. Knit, knit, knit.

Have a good weekend and Go Ravens!!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Nautical fun

We had a wonderful day on the water yesterday. I didn't feel well all morning but not sick enough to stay home, so we went. After a while on the water I put on my suit, jumped into the Chesapeake Bay and cooled off nicely. Thank goodness! After that I felt a lot better and enjoyed the rest of the day.
As you can see, Bob enjoyed a dip to cool off also.

We shared the water with many other personal fishing boats, charter boats and a few of these large ships. 

The wake that one left behind was quite amazing. I think the waves from the wake were 4 feet high!

Crab pot buoys dot the bay and can be a menace to those of us out there to enjoy a ride, but they are pretty, actually, and I enjoy looking at the various colors. 

We stayed out on a very calm bay until about 7-7:30, then returned to the dock just in time for sunset. 

I did very little knitting, much more fishing, and some sitting and relaxing, just enjoying the day. 

I hope you had a good day.