Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I am alive and well (mostly) but no pictures

I am back at work, managing just about full time hours while doing radiation treatments. I am also seeing a physical therapist to get my range of motion and strength back in my left arm and shoulder. The radiation doesn't hurt but the position I have to do in is not comfortable and causes some cramps in my shoulders and back. It's getting better, though.

I did really well during the Tour de Sock. I had hoped to get 1 pair of socks completed by the deadline and I managed to get 3 pairs of socks knitted in the month of June! Here is one pair. And another. and another! The pictures are from the pattern, not my socks, since I can't upload my photos yet (see below).Then I went back to work and there was no more completing socks in the time frame alotted. That's OK, though. I exceeded my personal goal. I have actually started the next 2 sock patterns but haven't finished either pair and the groups is on the 6 th pattern. I will knit them all but at my own pace now that life has gotten in the way. I wish I could upload photos but I haven't yet figured out how to do it on the new Imac we have. The old software doesn't work with it and I don't know how to find another way. One of these days I will sit down at the computer and figure it out. The socks I haven't yet finished are this one and this one. I am working on both and will finish them because I love them. The pair I will knit but haven't started is this pair. Oh, and I have another pair of the Great Lebowski socks to knit. I promised a pair to eldest son.

The Tour de Fleece also took place since I last posted. I settled on modest goals this year. I decided to participate in my own challenge in the spinners study group and spin a yarn using the magic number 5. I chose to spin a 5 ply yarn. I have never spun a yarn like that before and it was a lot of fun. The plying was the most interesting part, though I did enjoy considering lots of different colors of fiber before settling on what I chose. Wow! is it soft and bulky! There isn't much of it, but I would do this again.
I also wanted to spin my shetland fleece. I knew I couldn't do it all and I wasn't sure how I would do endurance wise so I didn't set a goal of any particular amount. I flicked it as my only prep (other than scouring) and spun. It spins like a dream!. I am spinning lock by lock over the fold and I am actually getting a pretty even singles in a long draw type of spinning! It's very cool. I filled 1 1/2 bobbins (on my Lendrum) during the tour and I can't wait to spin more of it. I have to do more flicking of fiber in the next few days in order to spin much more right now. I do hope to get a sweater out of this. I am planning a 2 ply yarn, fingering to DK weight. I am not sure what it will be like after plying and a bath but I love what I am spinning so will find a sweater pattern that will work with my yarn. ; )

I have been spindle spinning a Polwarth/silk blend braid. The colors are deep but soft and I have decided to spin a singles yarn and full it. I like the colors just as they are. I think I know someone who will really appreciate it as a gift. It's lovely fiber to spin - soft, not slippery, with a nice long staple length.

We have managed to harvest a green pepper, a few tomatoes and several cucumbers this year from the garden. I suggested to DH that we skip the garden this year because I was concerned about being able to keep up. I was right. I can't. He ended up doing just about everything - tilling, planting, weeding and watering. Whatever we get from the garden this year will be thanks to him alone.

I think that's all the news for now. My life is pretty much work and treatments right now with some fiber stuff forced in when I can. Soon it will be over (the treatments, not my life) and we may even be able to do some boating and visit the winery this fall. Fingers crossed.  And there is Rhinebeck to look forward to. I can't wait! It will be my true celebration that cancer treatments are over.