Thursday, November 05, 2009

just garter stitch

Despite a long day (that began with a 2 hour drive to work instead of the usual hour) and later than ususal hours, I completed the garter stitch band at the bottom of the He Gansey and joined front and back last night. Now I start the long stockinette stretch.

It's Thursday. Two good things about Thursdays - it's knitting night at the LYS and it's almost Friday.

Both of my sons are interested in earflap hats. They have different tastes, so the hats will be different. One thing I will add, I think, to eldest son's hat is to thrum the earflaps. I think that will make a huge difference in warmth, and will look cool. I will samples and show him before I actually knit it, so as to not waste my time if he thinks it is a stupid idea. It is his hat, after all.

I am looking forward to this time when I will be knitting on several larger projects and not much in the way of smaller ones. I think I will feel much more accomplishment if I end up with wearable sweaters rather than decorative scarves. I have already changed my buying habits so that I purchase sweater quantity yarn rather than a skein here and there of a yarn I like. I have the yarn at home for at least 3 sweaters. I will still knit socks, though. They are always useful.

Knitting with fiber friends tonight. yipee!

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