Sunday, January 30, 2011

Unflattering photo of one FO

I am wearing a black turtleneck top under the sweater in this photo - my usual winter clothing always includes layers. I think you can still see the neck line of the sweater. I think it will stay up on my shoulders when worn without the under layer. From the comments I've read about this sweater, that has been a recurring problem. I like the use of the black yarn and the seams being on the outside of the sweater.
My posture needs work : ( but you can see how the black at the top of the shoulders carried down the arm to make it look less like I ran out of yarn and added a contrasting color than if I had just used the black at the bottom edge. I had been concerned that I made a size too small when I first finished weaving in the ends. After blocking, though, I can see that I should not have been concerned. I need to have more faith in my swatching. ; )

I finished the Petiole Hat Sunday night just before bed. I like it a lot, though I am not sure that the shape of it flatters me. We'll see. Hopefully a photo or two to come, even if I have to use someone else's head. It was a fun, addicting pattern to knit and I really enjoyed the process.

My next FO will most likely be the Slinky Ribs sweater - I hope to pick up those edge stitches this week and get that finished up. I am on a finishing roll and I don't want it to stop. I keep working on my socks (2 pair in progress, at different stages), and hope to finish one pair this week or next. The heel of the second sock is complete and I need to knit 2 x 2 ribbing until I run out of yarn.

I hope to work on a lace shawl after Slinky Ribs - I have a few on the needles and would love to finish one, at least, before starting another project. The problem with that plan is that lace needs certain circumstances to be knit, at least in my life (to avoid excess frogging), so I might *have* to start something else to fit the "I need something simple to knit" bill. I suppose I could work on eldest son's afghan ..... That will be my project for Superbowl knitting for sure. I knitted on my Honka double knit scarf (scroll down to the fifth photo on the page) for a while last night, but that will take longer to finish than the sweater, so the sweater comes first.

We are expecting an ice event tonight/tomorrow, so I will again plan to work from home tomorrow. I don't do patient care any longer and see no point in risking my car/life on bad roads for the sake of computer and paper work that can be done at home.

Have a good day, where ever you are.

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