Thursday, January 06, 2011

FO! but no photos yet

The Vampire Boyfriend socks are complete, including ends being woven in. I finished the last end at about 9 PM so no photos. I'll take some before sending them off to Molly, though. The first pair of man socks were promptly cast on. They'll be a simple K3P1 rib because the yarn is one of those patterned faux fair isle yarns that won't tolerate more patterning. That's OK, though because it means a quicker completion.

I spindle spun some Wensleydale again last night to get in my spinning time and just made my 10 minutes minimum. It was late and I was tired. Tonight will be a real challenge to get everything in. I have a study monitor here today and she needs to finish up, so I can't leave until the work is finished. I have at least an hour drive home and will try very hard to fit in my exercises (despite my very sore abs) before dinner. Hopefully the dishes will be quick because it's knitting nite at my LYS and I haven't been in about a month! I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again and catching up after the holiday break. I may bring my spindle to get my spinning time in there or I may use the spinning time to wind down after visiting with everyone. Silk tonight, I think.

I have some fiber in the mail. I have mentioned the Ravelry groups that I belong to before. I haven't been able to participate in a while, what with our trip to VA for fishing, holiday prep and activities as well as Mom's visit. I am set up for the next few months once this fiber arrives, though. The Knitters Book of Wool group is playing with Finn this month and I have fiber coming for that. The Spinners study group is exploring Columbia and Masham, which is a long wool. I have enjoyed the Wensleydale so much, I ordered some Masham. While I was there .... I also ordered some Falkland and some Welsh for future explorations. My fiber stash is approaching the size of my yarn stash, so I will have to spin and knit up quite a bit before I can buy any more. ; )

Have a good day.

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