Tuesday, January 04, 2011

So far, so good

I spent about 20 lovely minutes spinning on the wheel last night. This superwash BFL is *wonderful* to feel and I love the colors. Total enjoyment. : ))

I did my exercises yesterday (yeah, me) but didn't do as well in the eating healthier department. My meals were better, but the snacks ... There are still a lot of Christmas and New Year goodies around and I hate to waste perfectly good chocolate .....

I have a new project - sewing - that will take up some of my fiber time tonight. We have a boat (as you know well if you've read this blog before) and we have a bimini (canvas roof) and "curtains" (windows made of vinyl). The curtains have to be well cared for in order to avoid scratches (so we can see out of them). They are very expensive to replace. When we take them down, for travel or in the hot summer weather (they block the wind, which is good in colder weather but not so much when it's in the 90s) we wrap each one individually in a sheet or blanket so they don't scratch each other up (they each have zippers that can do a lot of damage). I got the idea last night of stitching up the sheets we use into "pillowcases" for each window. It should be easier to store them and easier to get the windows into each case. So, that's my project for tonight. After exercising and followed by at least 10minutes of spindling. ; )

I've ordered some fiber for the this month for the Ravelry spinners study group. I will be testing Masham. Once I get it and start playing with it, I'll share some of my thoughts, information and, hopefully, pictures. I understand that it's a more coarse fiber, used more for outer garments than against the skin. I am contemplating double layer mittens, with the outer layer being masham, which should hold up well to use and the inner layer being something soft - BFL or alpaca or something like that. I also ordered Falkland and Welsh for future experimentation. I had hoped to find some Columbia (the other fiber for the month) but haven't had much luck yet.

On the knitting front, last night I finished adding the length to the foot of the first Vampire Boyfriend sock and have just started the toe decreases. Soon, Molly. You'll have your socks soon. And DH will soon have a future sock on my needles. ; )

Have a good day.

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