Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rain today : (

I dislike rainy days, mostly because they are grey and dark. The rain itself doesn't bother me much, and it will wash away the last of the dirty snow in Baltimore. Snow I like; dirty snow is not pleasant. We still have a white carpet on the grass and other surfaces in Bel Air, but I suspect that most of that will be gone by the time I get home tonight.

I knit on the Petiole hat last night rather than lace. I didn't feel like knitting on a project where each row takes 20 minutes. I wanted fast, visible progress and I got it. I think this hat will be finished by the weekend. I hope to finish the last of the knitting of the Four Quarters sweater over the weekend, too, so I can get it sewn up next week. There are only 2 football games to watch this weekend, but hopefully that will provide enough knitting time for the remaining sweater knitting.

I added push ups to my exercise regimen on Monday. Last night (the second night of doing push ups) I thought my breastbone would pull apart while going to the floor for the first couple of pushes! I know that it wasn't really in danger, but that's what it felt like. Those muscles are really sore. I've increased my reps on all other exercises since I started, but I think it will be a while before I can increase the number of push ups I can do .....

My mother is doing pretty well at home. She is being evaluated right now for cataract surgery, though. Her vision has been getting worse pretty quickly and she is looking forward to getting that taken care of. I'll try to go up to NY when she has her surgery to provide a little TLC. We don't have a date yet. I had planned a visit in early February anyway, so maybe we can combine the two.

Have a good day.

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