Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year to all

We had a great visit with Mom and a great Christmas. We drove Mom home (to Long Island, NY) on Tuesday. What you've read about NY not handling snow removal well was true. There were some very dangerous places out there even several days after the snow. Baltimore had a few issues last year, but we had almost twice as much snow. Well, we made it without any real issues, just a couple of scares as the lanes (on the highway) disappeared without warning a few times due to snow not being cleared.

I haven been enjoying lots of time off during the holidays. Most of that was to be with Mom but I also took some time for me (and DH). I really enjoyed my time off.

We drove up to Manhattan on Saturday to see "the tree". It was, as usual, awesome. We did no shopping; we browsed and people watched and saw some sights. The light dispaly that Saks does is amazing. I could have watched for hours if I could have found a place to lie down (my neck hurt looking up after a while) Oh, we had a great burger at Hurley's Irish pub. Yum.

We drove home again that night and had a quiet day at home on Sunday after sleeping in. I plied the last of my singles from my Tour de Fleece efforts (finally) and started spinning some new fiber - superwash BFL in the Neptune colorway from Kelpie Fibers on Etsy. Love, love, love.

I also did some spindle spinning on Saturday and Sunday. Wensleydale on one spindle and silk on the other. Quite a difference between them but both enjoyable to spin.

I have set some "intentions" (rather than resolutions. It may be semantics to you but it keeps me from feeling like a failure if I lapse, so it works for me.) to spin each and every day, for at least 10 minutes. Not only will I be more productive, but I am also a better spinner when I do it more often.

I also "intend" to eat better and get more regular exercise.

I hope to finish up some WIPs soon, though I have *no* hope that I won't add more soon after that. I am just not a monogamous knitter.

I would like to try to document my knitting efforts better, whether on paper or in cyber space (Ravelry or my blog or both).

I've been working on that wrap knitted with my handspun and really enjoying it. I hope to get some photos this week of all of my fibery efforts. It's been a while since I had the camera out.

I am almost finished with the Vampire Boyfriend socks that will go in trade to Molly of Celtic Swan for a set of bronze DPNs. I finished the second sock and ripped back the first one to add more length to the foot. I got nervous when it fit me and she wears a larger shoe size. I should finish that addition in the next week and off they will go.

As soon as those socks come off the needles I will embark upon my year of knitting man socks. The pattern and yarn are chosen and standing by .....

Slinky Ribs is still waiting for me to pick up stitches for the neck edging.

The purple sweater is waiting for me to find my error and correct it. Maybe one evening this week ....

I'll dig for the other UFOs after those listed here are finished. If I don't wait until I've made progress, I'll feel overwhelmed and depressed and cast on another project for certain. : (

We (actually, DH) have almost finished the winterizing of the boat. In another couple of months it will be time to start spring prep! LOL.

Next weekend the holiday decorations will come down, but for now I am enjoying the lights and such.

Both sons are working (always a good thing) and healthy. Younger son in particular seems very happy and that makes me happy.

I'll try to be better about posting and taking pictures.

Have a great start to your new year.

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