Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The Pretty Thing cowl is complete - including weaving in the ends. That's one of the fastest projects I've ever knitted, I think.

This photo is the most accurate color-wise. I was taking pictures indoors and that is the only one that is representative of the true color of this soft yarn. I have no idea where that olive green color came from.

The Petiole hat has been cast on and I knitted as far as row 10 or so (after twisted rib edging) on Monday. This, too, is an addictive pattern to knit. I can't wait to see what comes next, and I love the colors in the yarn.
Again, I could not get the colors accurate. I'll do better later in the week when I can get some daylight.
It is really shades of purple, greens and blues - deep colors and very pleasing.

We had about 2 inches of snow last night (maybe more, but it had already rained and iced over). It was soooo pretty when we drove out in it last night, and standing (snug and warm inside) watching it fall on the deck and yard. This morning it still looked pretty, but took quite a bit of chopping and scraping to remove it from cars for driving into work. I really didn't mind. giggle.

I am looking forward to some spinning tonight (I may be able to finish spinning the BFL), followed by knitting in bed, probably on the hat, but maybe a row or two of the lace shawl.

I've been pretty good about my exercises so far and didn't let the lapse last week of 3 days (when I didn't feel well) get to me. I picked right back up as soon as I felt better. I added push-ups last night and wow! can I feel that today. groan. It's been two weeks and I can tell the difference, though I am sure that measurements haven't changed. I just feel stronger. That's a good thing.

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