Sunday, January 23, 2011

Splendid Sunday. If you stay inside ....

This is my finished superwash BFL, color way Neptune from Kelpie fibers. I love it! It was a joy to spin, feels wonderful plied and my mind is playing with potential projects. I apparently spin "heavy" because I never get the same yardage from 4 oz. of fiber that many others get. I have only about 121 yds of a sport weight yarn.

This is my handspun wrap/lap robe. I like the way the colors blend together - I think it's pleasing to the eye. I am not certain of my color choices, usually, and I wasn't here, but so far I like the results. I have been knitting on other projects recently, so this hasn't grown much lately.

This is the Petiole hat with much better color representation (and further along than the last photo).

A close up of the pattern and colors.

Bob's sock - Mr. Pitt's sock pattern in Regia yarn, Brasil color.

This was originally supposed to be a pair of socks for me. It is Zauberball yarn, and I love the colors. I finished the first one and started on the second. At some point I tried the first one on and discovered that I had knit the foot a bit too long. I was going to finish the second one and then do surgery on the first to make it the correct foot length. I asked DH to try it on one night, though, and it fit him, so it will now be another pair of socks for him. I turned the heel last night, so I have lots of stockinette to knit, some ribbing for the cuff and it will be finished. I'll just have to buy another ball of Zauberball for myself. ; )

I plan to head off the the spinning wheel soon. I've done laundry and my exercises, neatened up a bit, trying to avoid the collections of clutter that we seem prone to, so now it's time for my reward. ; ) I'll work a little on the brown Finn fiber and then plan to switch to spinning some Masham on the wheel. I've spun some Masham on the spindle and would like to see which is easier and yields better results. I think I'll also soak some of my spun yarn - I have several skeins that haven't been washed after spinning. They will have to dry in the basement, though. It's below freezing outside and I don't think they will dry well that way. I hung washed place mats on the line to dry yesterday and they came in the house 6 hours later, frozen hard enough to stand on their own!

I plan to spin until football starts. My teams is out of the playoffs, but I still love football and I have my favorite teams. I have to cheer them on.

I'll leave you with a view of a beautiful flower. My uncle sends an amaryllis each year for the holidays. This year's flower was shy - this is the first blossom. Worth waiting for, though ....

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