Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finn and Masham

This is my BFL superwash in the Neptune colorway. I love it. I love spinning it because it drafts beautifully and is not too slippery. The color changes entertain me and the yarn that results feels very soft. It won't be a durable yarn most likely but it will look and feel great. I am chain plying it.

Below, you will see the Masham fiber I've mentioned, that I am spinning for the Ravelry Spinners Study group. I read about coarseness and it not being an "against the skin" fiber, so I was prepared for scratchy. I have been pleasantly surprised. Unless this yarn changes a lot once plied, it will be a nice yarn. I may not wear a sweater from it but I am pretty sure that I'll make some mittens with it, knowing that my wrist skin is pretty itch sensitive. The luster is impressive and I find that I really enjoy spindle spinning long wools.

This dark brown fiber is Finn, which I am spinning for the Knitters Book of Wool Rav. group. It is very soft, as advertised, but so ..... wooly! I suppose it is the prep, but I am unable to spin my usual smooth singles. (That's not the same as consistently even. I've never claimed that ability. LOL) I will certainly not be able to knit lace with this rustic yarn. Possibly cables as a 3 ply, but nothing that requires clear stitches with open spaces. I hope you can see in the first photo the fuzziness of the singles. There are quite a few nepps and "fuzz balls" (don't you like my technical terms?)

It is very soft - I find that I want to pile it up and cuddle in to it. ;))

This is my silk and cashmere blend Pretty Thing cowl. Ohhhh, it's so nice, and addicting to knit. I am now much further along and may finish it today (it being a holiday).

I won a contest on the Violently Domestic blog My prize was a pattern for this hat and mitts along with the yarn to make it in the colorway Grape Jam. The yarn came in the mail just recently - shades of purples and greens - and as soon as I finish up the Pretty Thing Cowl I will cast on for this hat. Thanks, Hunter. I'll post photos and comments as I work.

I've also been plugging away at my Four Quarters sweater, though I was so anxious during the Ravens' game that I didn't get far. Turns out that my anxiety was well founded. They lost. Darn it. I do hope to finish that sweater in the next couple of weeks - that's a goal for me. The man socks grow a little bit each day, too.

Yesterday I spun my BFL and the Finn, did a little spindle spinning with silk and got my exercises done. (In between cleaning out pantry and cabinets in the kitchen and finishing up laundry). Today I have to iron clothes. Ugh. I'll do the ironing first, then reward myself with some spinning, then get the exercises done, then reward myself with some knitting. See how my life goes? LOL. Have a good day.

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