Monday, January 10, 2011



We'll start with spinning because that's been on my mind so much lately. This dark fiber is 8 oz. of a dark brown Finn from a lamb shearing. I played with it a little bit the other day and it wants to make a fuzzy yarn, so no lace or detailed pattern for this, I think. I still have some experimenting and playing to do, and it might work to make a nice 3 ply for a cabled pattern. We'll see. I'll try to take progress and experimenting photos as I go.

This next fiber is White Welsh fiber. I have not yet read up on this breed, and haven't even pulled any of it out to play with. It has a nice luster and believe it's a long wool, so maybe it will be used for outerwear. Maybe I'll just have fun spinning it and dyeing it, then look at it in my new yarn basket. ;)

Next we have Falkland fiber. Again, I haven't read up on this breed yet, but decided to give it a try.

This is spuerwash BFL in the Neptune colorway from Kelpie fibers. I love the hand, the ease with which it drafts, the colors, everything. I first sampled it as a worsted weight 3 ply and I should probably have stuck with that. Right now I am spinning lace or fingering weight.

While I like it, I wonder what I will make with it. I have a lot of lace weight yarn already. I am considering spinning the rest of it the way I sampled it. I don't think I've used up so much that I can't get useful yardage from it yet. Hmmm .... Maybe I'll see if she has or is willing to dye more.

This is the yarn I made with the singles I spun during the Tour de Fleece. I finally got it all plied, though it hasn't been washed yet. I think it will make a nice hat or pair of gloves for my younger son.

This yarn was finished earlier in the fall, also from singles spun during the TdF. This will go to elder son - he looks great in reds.

I am spindle spinning this silk (gifted to me by Nancy for my BD last year) . I have less than an ounce to go, and really need to ply now to free up my spindles. I hope I like it as much plied as I do as singles.

This the end of the black Wensleydale that I have been spindle spinning since the fall. I have just a little bit more to spin of this almost black fiber. I have another 4 oz of the original colorway to spin and I hope to get that spun up, then knit a shawl with the colored yarn as the main and the black as an edging.

Plied Wensleydale yarn - great sheen to it and much softer than I thought it would be.

This is the original colorway. Most of it is finished but I have to ply. Sigh. I hate to ply.

I hope to post a knitting update tomorrow. We are expecting some snow here tonight, and I was hoping to be snowed in tomorrow. I think not - they have amended the predictions and I think I am doomed to diasppontment. Again. It would have been nice to have a whole day at home to spin - I mean ply.

Have a good day.

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