Saturday, January 29, 2011

We had snow! And I have FOs

This was Wednesday evening, looking out our back door onto the deck. It was really snowing hard and fast! I loved it, and the fact that the snow fell mostly while I was awake so I could watch it fall. I love snow. ; )

It was, as predicted, a very wet snow with sleet and hail having come before, so we had icicles everywhere.

This is a view of the dogwood trees planted in the front of the yard, with the little red bows I tied to the branches for Christmas. Don't they look pretty against the snow?

The Red twig dogwood looks great in the winter, with bare branches, and snow makes it even more striking.

This was our neighbor's tree, leaning so far over into our yard that I feared for our boat, sitting under where it was leaning. It is a strong tree and held up, fortunately for us.

This is the view from the back door across the deck. That box in the corner is the water garden - it's about 18 inches high.

And this is the view the other way across the deck. You can see the paths I dug, rather than try to dig the whole thing clear.

This is the bench I have sitting in my front yard, near the dogwoods. I like to sit there in the spring and summer - it's the only place to sit to get the first and the last of the sun before and after winter. The bottom of it is about 22 inches off the ground. We couldn't decide how much snow we had - depending on where you measured, it varied from 6 inches to 2 feet.

Despite the fact that I did not go to work on Thursday, I got very little fibery stuff done. It took us until almost noon to dig out the cars and driveway, then we had lunch and attacked the sidewalks and mailbox area, etc. By the time I stopped at about 3:30, I could barely move, I was so sore. I did stretching, used the heating pad and got up periodically to lessen the stiffness, but I was sore. Dinner and rest and ibuprofen helped and by evening I was at least knitting a bit. I managed to finish the neck gaiter I made for DH and wove in half the ends.

On Friday I was scheduled off to get a Reclast infusion. That's the stuff you get to prevent/treat osteoporosis (which I have). I handled the infusion fine and in the afternoon and evening I finished all of the end weaving for DH cowl/neck gaiter and finished the sewing together of the Four Quarters Sweater! It's blocking on the floor as I write this. Yippee! A FO! Two FOs!

Last night I picked up the double knit scarf (Honka) that I've been working on for two years (or more). I wanted actual knitting (as compared to sewing or picking up stitches) and that worked well. I hope to get stitches picked up for the neck edging of Slinky Ribs today (hopefully another FO soon) and knit on the scarf. The scarf will take a while (because I am slow at double knitting in a color work pattern) but I am moving it up on my list of things to finish. I want that scarf.

I did some spinning today - Masham on the turkish spindle. Right now I plan on making a pair of mittens or fingerless mitts (depending on yardage) from this and will dye it once spun into yarn. I also washed some of my handspun that I hadn't gotten to before and it's hanging in the basement to dry. I LOVE the BFL! but the other yarn is looking good, also. I'll try to get some photos tomorrow.

I'm off to do exercises, spin more and get ready to meet youngest son and his partner for a birthday dinner.

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