Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a fiber surprise

You may remember that I signed up for the Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club back in December. I forgot that I had signed up (that's not unusual) and so when the package arrived yesterday I was pleasantly surprised. When I opened the package and saw what was inside I got very excited. These colors really speak to me. I am not sure about the fiber itself - icelandic wool. I have no idea at this point what I will do with the fiber, but for right now I am savoring the view. LOL.

On the knitting front, I finished one of the alpaca socks last night.

I don't think I have much ruffle in the edging but I like it more than the ribbing.

I do have yarn left, so maybe I will rip back to bind off and add a few more rows of yo's and decreases to make it ruffle more.

I tried to knit a finger on my Selbu glove but I just wasn't getting the instructions. I will wait until Thursday and go see the "knit doctor" (Karen) at my LYS for help. I also turned the heel on my handspun sock. I just couldn't get it right while walking to and from the parking garage and work. I had to sit still and follow the instructions because I used a different heel this time. This one had double wraps. I think it will be a good one - so far it fits very well.

I hope to go home and walk tonight. Due to another technical error (I erased a message on the answering machine without listening to it) I missed a chance to go walking last night. Tonight I will have to pay the piper and walk alone. : (

ETA I did walk alone tonight. And I did 40 crunches. Go me!


Karen Frisa said...

Go You!! :) I didn't see this until tonight, so I didn't know that you'd finished your alpaca sock. Glad I'm not that spacey. I'll try to remember to show you my handspun Icelandic, just so you have one take on what it can look like.

Molly said...

Hmmm looks like a color trend is going on. Both the sock and roving are beautiful (either can come live at my house :) )