Monday, January 07, 2008

Yarn diet, anyone?

Last year it seemed that there were a lot of people starting yarn diets. You saw yarn diets and rules referenced on many blogs. There were various lengths of time and many different rules. I did a version of a yarn diet myself. This year, though I am seeing more messages about knitting more of what is in the stash because I like it and want to knit it. No rules about what people can and can't buy, but commitments to making fewer purchases and to knitting what is loved and owned.

Personally, I think this is a better philosophy. I needed to break the yarn buying habit, so my yarn diet served a purpose and I am glad that I did it. I think my yarn diet was good for me. But I like the positive feeling of knitting what is in the stash. Instead of thinking about denying yourself, you are making something wearable from something beautiful. This is, I think, a much better idea.

My yarn related plans for this coming year include knitting more of what I own, but also include buying yarn for making sweaters. I have lots of lace weight yarn and lots of small amounts for things like socks, mittens, scarves, etc. I want to knit sweaters, though. That is where my yarn money will go this year.

I am a Ravelry member/user, and while I have used the search part of the system quite often, I haven't made as much use of it as I could as far as my stash and project documentation. I have felt that I am "wasting" knitting time by spending time on the computer. I do wonder, though, if I might be helped by getting my stash documented in a place that is easy to view. My actual stash is in storage tubs that have to be hauled out or in or whatever when I want to survey it or look for something in particular. It would certainly be easier to log in to Ravelry to look over choices of yarn than to go out to the shed in the cold (or heat and humidity)and dark (which is usually when I decide to look for something).
Having a written list of things I would like to make might be good, too. I might be less likely to get sidetracked with impulse projects. On the other hand, this is a hobby. There should not be too many rules. Hmmm. Things to ponder.

I just got the call - the dark grey Donegal tweed that I ordered for my not yet designed cabled cardigan - has arrived! Yippee! Now I have to buckle down to complete and measure my swatches.

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