Tuesday, January 15, 2008

photographic proof of productivity

Here is a photo of the Berroco Jasper I was given as a Christmas present. The colors are wonderful and flow smoothly into each other

Here are the Fetching fingerless mitts I made with ONE skein of that wonderfully soft yarn.

Here is Calorimetry, also made with one skein of Jasper. This is a head and ears covering for people with long hair. When you pull your hair up to walk or jog or whatever, you can keep your head (you loose a lot of heat through the top of your head) and ears warm without getting your hair all tangled or pulling the head covering down so you can't see.

I did both of these in one weekend. What a great feeling of accomplishment to have started and completed 2 projects so fast. (Yes, I know, I did nothing but knit and rest and drink juice, but everyone is entitled to do that once in a while, right? ) I took a picture of Calorimetry "in action" but I looked horrible trying to get the camera aimed and hold still and not get the flash reflecting in the mirror so you will have to wait until there is someone else here to click the shutter. ; )

I mentioned the gloves I started - here is a photo of the planned project.

I detest doing swatches in the round, so I just cast on in the needle size I thought I would need ( size 0). I had almost finished the cuff pattern and decided I had enough to do a decently sized gauge measurement. I found that I needed to go up at least one, possibly 2 sizes, so I frogged it and this is what I have now.

I am trying size 2 needles this time. I have to knit several more rows before I can measure, but I love this kind of knitting, so it doesn't bother me at all. I hold the dark color in my right hand and the white in the left. I am using DPN's right now but may switch to 2 circs to get the tension right if it seems too irregular this way. I like DPN's though, so I will probably stay with them.

So, current projects in the works are Rob's work socks, (about 2 inches from completion), the Selbu gloves, (just started) the alpaca socks (about halfway) and the lace hemp top (not very far along since my dip in the frog pond). With my yarn order (Donegal Tweed for a cabled cardigan designed by me) coming in, I don't know whether I should put aside the lace top to concentrate on the cables or keep going with the lace top and put off the cabled cardigan I have planned. Decisions, decisions.

I think I will go do some knitting and put off that decision until another day.

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