Friday, January 04, 2008

guild meeting, locks and a found hat

Once a month I have a dilemma. Thursday night is the knit night at my LYS. The first Thursday night of each month is the knit guild meeting. I have to decide between the two. There are a couple of people in the guild who are a little long winded and a little abrasive. On the other hand there are some people that I really like and don't see otherwise. It's only once a month, but I really miss seeing the people at the LYS.
I chose the guild meeting last night. It took 20 minutes to discuss making a donation to the library in the name of a former guild memeber who died, and no agreement was reached. It's just not that difficult, people. And we have the money in the treasury - it's not like we were even asking people for donations! Grrrr
I am trying so hard to be easy going and friendly and good spirited. Things like that make it difficult.

I arrived home from my knitting guild meeting last night to find my husband replacing the lock in the front door. We had been having trouble getting the key in and out recently so he put some WD40 on his key, inserted it in the lock and turned it to try to spread the lubricant. It turned and turned and turned in the same direction. Not supposed to do that. He has a cold and had planned to take it easy and read a little, then go to bed early. Instead he drove to the local Home Depot to buy a replacement lock (the innards, anyway). They didn't have exactly what he needed, and the extra key he bought (there are 3 of us in the house and only 2 keys come with the lock) didn't work. Wasn't even close. Poor guy, it was not a good night for him.

I knitted a hat for a co-worker to match the scarf that another person is knitting for her. (see December 10 post) It was too big and I took it home to frog and re-knit. When I was reay to knit it, I couldn't find the hat. I search high, low and in between. I called the car repair place I had been to, the person who drove me home, asked DH, no one had found it. I returned to work after the New Year holiday and there it was, in the hands of the recipient. I had left it in another person's office and she was on vacation so it just turned up. I am both frustrated (I had to guess how many stitches to cast on instead of counting what I had done the last time and going down from there) and relieved that I hadn't acutally lost the thing or over looked it while searching. She will now have fingerless mitts made for a birthday gift. ; )

I knitted several rounds on my bamboo Trekking socks last night. Today is Friday so I can stay up a little later and knit tonight. Work does get in the way of doing what I love. I hope to ply my sock yarn tomorrow and to work on the lace hemp top this weekend. I also plan on football watching. None of my favorite teams are in the playoffs, but I will enjoy the games anyway. I have been working on cleaning and laundry all week so I have less of that do to over the weekend.

Tonight Karen and I will walk. Karen ate and didn't walk while she was away. I ate and walked while she was away, but I think the eating outweighed the walking judging by the way my jeans fit. Sigh. Getting old really is the pitts.

Enjoy every minute of your weekend.

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Molly said...

Sounds like I didn't miss much at the Guild meeting. I've been sick since New Year's Eve with a terrible cough and didn't want to spread it around.