Sunday, January 13, 2008

I am not quite sure what hit me

I am not quite sure what hit me, but boy! did I get sick last week! I have been sleeping in the guest room so as to avoid catching the cold my DH has had since New Year's Day. I was going to give you a blow by blow (no pun intended) description of my illness, but I will spare you. Suffice it to say that I did no knitting for 24 hours! Thank goodness for antibiotics. I tried Zicam for the first time to ease the symptoms and I highly reccomend it.

I did get a lot of knitting done over the last couple of days. My brain was ready to get up and do things but my body complained after only a short time so I knitted. I finished calorimentry and fetching. I was gifted with 2 skeins Jasper in a beautiful heathery blue colorway and that is what I used for these projects. I searched on Ravelry for ideas and these two projects seemd ideal for this time of year and considering my walking activities. I love the way they came out. I still need to sew on a button - maybe tonight. Once I feel a bit more energetic I will take and post photos. I also made it to the heel gusset on both alpaca peds socks. Now for the heel turning. (grin of anticipation) Photos of that coming soon also.

It took quite a while, agonizing, flipping pages and debating the pros and cons and my knitting abilities, but I chose to make Annemor #12 from the Selvubotter book. I thought I would do a pair of mittens first but I have to have these gloves. I am almost finished with the cuff pattern but still have to do a gauge measurement, so they may be frogged if the gauge is off. I am using size 0 needles and Shelridge Farms sock yarn.

It's dinner time and I am hungry. Try to stay healthy.

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