Sunday, January 20, 2008


I really enjoy reading the quotes people use at the beginning of their blog posts. Some are funny, some make me think, some make me wonder why I don't get it, but they all make me stop and consider. I think a little contemplation is good for everyone. I don't think I will begin to use quotations to begin my posts, though. I don't think that using quotes from famous people is "me". I also don't know where to begin to look for quotes that might strike my interest. I know you can get books of quotations from the library, but how do you find one out of all of those that will fit you for today? It all seems a bit overwhelming.

The sun is shining brightly out side but it is 22 degrees. Brrrrr. Not as cold as some places, though. My husband (a weather channel addict) has informed me that in Green Bay (site of a playoff game later today) it is minus 13 with a windchill of minus 33 or something obscene like that. I am now thankful for 22 degrees. ; )

I plan to finish Rob's sock during the game and cast on with my hanspun hand dyed yarn for a pair of stockinette socks for me. Jennifer commented about the fact that people are willing to wear colors on their feet that they would never think about wearing elsewhere. I have recently decided to try that myself. I like yellow, for instance. I admit that the yellow in my handspun yarn is quite bright, and most of the yellows I like are more gentle, but I do like yellow. It makes me look horrible, though. Yellow with my skin tones is a major mistake. Socks are mostly hidden (except when sitting down) by pants and only knitters generally take pains to look down at peoples' socks. LOL. I think that's a great place to wear a color that you don't normally wear - no clashing with skin tones to worry about. Except if you are wearing shorts. I don't wear wool socks with shorts so I won't worry about that. giggle.

My alpaca socks are moving along nicely. Soon I will have to make a decision about the top edge. The pattern in the magazine offered two options for the cuff - a ribbed top or a scalloped edge. Since I am reversing the directions to go toe up, I still haven't made that choice. I will have to make it soon, though. I don't know whether knitting the pattern as charted in the magazine will look right upside down (I suspect not) if I choose the scalloped edging. If not, can I reverse it successfully or should I choose the ribbed edge to make my life simple? I think the scalloped edge will enhance the stitch pattern better than the ribbed edge,

but I am not all that sure of my abilities to reverese the chart correctly. It's a problem I have with visualization that seems to apply to most everything. If I drive to someone's house using written directions, I have to ask for the directions to be reversed for me. It is so bad that once I left Molly's house and turned the wrong way out of her driveway! It is embarrasing and sometimes stressful but it doesn't seem to be anything I can change. I just try to work around it by printing the return directions ahead of time, using a map instead of directions (I do that very well) or just asking someone to help. They usually look at me strangley but comply.

It is wall paper stripping day at my house. We are going to be re-doing the master bedroom - carpet (for the first time since the house was built over 20 years ago), paint on the walls (which requires that the wallpaper be stripped) and curtains instead of sheets over the windows (we have blinds, also). Bob is going to rent the paper steaming machine now and I have to empty some of the furniture so it can be moved. Fun day ahead. But I will watch football. and knit. no matter what. Happy knitting.

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