Thursday, February 07, 2008

a sad lack of progress

I don't have much knitting to show for my time away from posting. I don't even have any updated photos to show you. And the really sad thing is that I can't claim that I've been working hard on the bedroom redo and it's done. I am tired and just don't have energy for much of anything. The source of all this fatigue, I think, is the back problems I have been suffering. The pain is not enough to put me to bed but since everything is extra work because of the pain, and pain itself is tiring, I am wiped at the end of my work day.

I have made some progress on the gift scarf, but since it's a scarf and the pattern repeats, the photo would look the same. I would like to finish that project and get it to the recipient. I have about a baseball size ball of yarn left.

I haven't made any progress on the Selbuvotter glove because even with the corrected chart and the knitting doctor's help, I think the instructions are wrong and I have to spend some brain power working out how my planned fix will affect the stitch pattern and I have been too tired to do that. Part of me wants to be very angry with the author of the book or the editors or somebody, because why can't they get this right? I paid "good" money for that book (as if there was bad money! but that's the expression I grew up with)and it should be right. I do know that there are ample opportunities for things to go wrong. It seems to me, though, that there are a lot of errors in this book. Some novels that I read have more errors than others - a lot more. How does this happen? In novels, you would think that spell check would handle most problems, but even spelling mistakes appear in some books. I have been known to not finish a book if there are too many errors. Once I am into a knitting project, though, it's much harder to give up on it due to too many mistakes. Mistakes are harder to find in patterns, especially in the charts, but that is what they hire tech editors for. At least they should hire tech editors. Grrrrrr

I have finished the second alpaca sock with an extra half pattern repeat and an additional row of yo's and decreases to make it more ruffled. I have ripped out the edging of the first sock to add the additional half repeat of the stitch pattern and the other row of edging. Some of that has been re-knitted, but not all of it.

The bedroom is painted - mostly - due to Bob's efforts. I have to do the ceiling cutting in and the trim needs to be painted but the walls are mostly done. It looks good and will look better once the trim is a nice fresh white color.

I am very confused by the weather we have been having. I heard that the ground hog indicated 6 more weeks of winter, but I am not sure we even started winter, never mind getting more of it. Soon the crocus and daffodil bulbs will be popping up. Are we just having a very mild winter or are we being fooled - big time - by Mother Nature?

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Molly said...

Is this the book? If so here is the errata .

Sorry to hear that you back is bothering you again/still. Billy is much improved and I get to have a life again!

We're getting snow over this way this morning so maybe that rotten groundhog is right. I hope not.