Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If only I didn't enjoy blogs so much

I would have more time for knitting.

I feel the same way about Ravelry. I love the idea of it, I love being able to search for yarn, projects, ideas and groups on it, but it is such a knitting time user. If only work did not get in the way so much. I would have more time for the "important things" in life. LOL.

Size two needle progress was good. I went from this

To this, and the gauge is correct.

I could easily get addicted to color work. Actually, I could easily get addicted to cables, too. I think I have an addictive personality. So far I have only allowed myself to get addicted to chocolate and knitting, though. And I have a strong attraction for spinning and boating and Diet Dr. Pepper (all varieties). And for my DH. And I really like sunshine and the outdoors, reading and relaxing on the beach. And dogs. Mostly big ones. What are you "addicted" to?

I turned the heel on the second alpaca sock, so I am working on the leg of both socks, now. I think these will get finished very soon. Yipee!

Rob's socks are close to being finished, too, and once those are complete I can start on the socks to be made with my handspun yarn (recently completed). I may need to buy an extra pair of sunglasses to work on these. What do you think?


Angela said...


Can't wait to see the mittens! They look challenging, but I bet it will be worth it in the end.

As far as addictions go? I think I'm addicted to buying yarn... not knitting, just buying. I always have a project in mind when I buy, but I think my eyes are bigger than my knitting hands can handle. I'm hoping to become addicted to exercise this year... so far I've been good and I'm going to the gym. Can't say I'm addicted yet, but I hope, I hope...

Anonymous said...

Your socks are looking really great. Love the colorwork, too.

And I think your handspun will make a very fun pair of socks! Isn't it funny the colors we'll put on our feet that we wouldn't ever put anywhere else on our bodies? :-D

Addiction ~ yes. I'm addicted, at various times, to lace knitting, color work, cables. And blogging and Ravelry and Knitter's Review. And tea with biscotti.

Happy Knitting!


Bess said...

colorwork - i always come back to that. thanks for stopping by!