Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday off

I thought about going to work today despite the fact that it is a holiday. It would have been quiet and I could have gotten in several productive, uninterrupted hours of work. The master bedroom in our house is a mess, though and I wanted to sort out the guest room so we will have a place to sleep for the next few weeks while we do the work we have to do (and not be sleeping in a room that is filled with sawdust or paint fumes). The guest bed was removed yesterday and today I moved out a lot of the stuff that was in there, some from my recent 2 weeks of living there to escape DH's cold and some just because it was a convenient place to keep it. When DH gets home from work (no holiday for him) he will move the mattress and box spring onto the guest room floor and voila! Home sweet home.

Karen and I walked again today - hurrah for us for being devoted. It was somewhere between 25 and 30 degrees, but sunny. Sunny always helps me get outside.

I finished Rob's socks yesterday, wove in the ends and gave them to him when he came for dinner. They were a hit. Now I can cast on with my handspun. Yippee!

I have been pretty productive today (see above plus other cleaning) so now I can relax and spin and knit for the remainder of the day with a clear conscience. I really want to make more progress on this wool and silk blend I am spinning for a lace weight shawl. The fiber feels wonderful. Maybe I will have photos to show soon of a full bobbin. I also plan to work on my Annemor glove. I would love to get as far as the fingers today.

This fella visited in a nearby tree for quite a while this morning as I was eating my breakfast. Usually they flit from tree to tree very fast, but he sat in the same spot for at least 15 minutes. Cardinals are handsome birds.

Happy knitting

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What a great pic!!!