Monday, January 28, 2008

Progress on the home front

Over the weekend the bedroom went from this stage

to this stage.

I know that it doesn't look much different, but it really is more organized, there are fewer piles of things and we are ready to drape drop cloths all over everything. We are settled in the guest room for a while and the living room no longer looks like a dozen toddlers live here. (some day I might show you my collection of stuffed animals) I think sanding comes next. Ugh. Dust all over the house.

Progress on the fiber front continues, also. I have about 11 inches of lace top body correctly knitted.

It went very well and I hated to put it down. Sometimes that was necessary to do housework or to help Bob with something but it was also necessary from time to time due to wear and tear on the finger - not from the yarn so much but from the pointy needles. I would have trouble knitting with less pointy needles, (I am using KnitPicks Options) but apparently I do quite a bit of pushing with my left index finger to push the right hand needle through the stitch. I am beginning to get a callus there now, so hopefully I will have less soreness in the future.

My spinning didn't get very far, I am afraid. I do love this fiber and the yarn it is producing. I just couldn't fit it in this weekend.

My alpaca socks are nearing the finish line - at least one is. I started the edging (upside down, since I chose to knit the socks toe up) on one sock on Sunday morning. The other one needs a few (maybe 2.5 or so) more pattern repeats to get to the edging stage. This picture is turned sideways. That is a blogger thing - my photo is actually right side up. I don't know how to fix this.

I did not work at all on the stranded gloves over the weekend. I do hope to get at least two fingers knitted this week, though. In fact, I think I will go start one finger now.

Happy knitting.

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Molly said...

Love the lace sweater. The socks are beautiful! That's much more spinning than I have gotten done lately :)