Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Trekking socks are finished!

I finished the last half inch of ribbing last night and chose to do the sewn bind off from EZ. (suggested by Karen and seconded by many on the web). It went very well but I was too tired when I finished to try them on. Hopefully today I will model for photos.

Now I am down to two pairs of socks in progress and feel better. I plan to choose some yarn this week for a pair of mittens from Selbuvotter
I have lots of sock yarn appropriate for this type of knitting at home. I need small, portable projects but I need a change from socks and this will do nicely. Very parctical at this time of year, too. Though you would never know that by the temperature outside right now - it is 65 dgrees in MD in January!

I spent some time updating my Ravelry project list, including photos. I am nauti54knitter on ravelry. I do love having a digital camera.

I am off to work on my alpaca Waving Lace socks. Happy knitting

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