Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Life after the Olympics

So far I haven't had much time to miss watching. Yesterday was my usual late day so by the time I finished dinner and dishes, I had 1 hour before lights out. DH is making a trip to the landfill so I roamed the house looking for things to get rid of (we are deep into clean out mode here), got changed and washed up and had time to knit about 1/2 pattern repeat on the cashmere scarf before sleep.

Tonight is the first night (due to snow) of the Mondo Cable KAL that I am leading at my LYS. There are no sign up sheets, so I hope that someone shows up! Nancy plans to be there - she's knitting another Mondo Cable sweater ( her Mondo Cable Pulli was her Olympic knitting project) as a gift for a friend, so I should have her company at least. If no one else comes, we'll have some quality chatting time. ; )

My next project will be to finish up the white cotton sweater for DH. I have struggled with the sleeves - too wide, too narrow, taper too fast, you name it, I did it wrong. I've had enough of a break at this point that I think I can rip back what I need to and fix the sleeves so they look nice instead of settling because I'm tired of knitting it.

Once that is done, I am not sure what will come next. I want to continue to knit sweaters. The question will be should I knit one more winter sweater or move on to summer fabrics? I'd like to get one more wool sweater in before the hot weather. OH, that's right. I started the Cardi Cozy several months ago and put it aside to finish other things. That might be a good transition project. Another option would be Yank. I have the yarn for that sitting out in the shed .....
If I go the summer route, the Handkerchief Tee might be a good choice. I really like the lace pattern used there and layering in the office in A/C season is good.
I have some yarn that might work. Lots of options and I am keeping them all open. There's no telling what might feel just right at the time.

Work is busy and I am tired. It's a good busy but that doesn't change the fact that I'm pooped when I get home. I hope I get used to this busier pace soon. ; )) I need some regular exercise to help with endurance and energy level in general. I had purchased a used bike last year at the Goodwill store but only rode it once or twice. I had problems with my foot (from surgery) and it just sat. Now I'd like to get back to it and apparently the tires, tubes and brake pads need to be replaced. The cost of all that adds up to almost a new bike so that what I have. DH picked it up for me and I will do my best to ride at least 4 times/week. The days are getting longer (so that I can ride after work) and I think that's a reasonable goal. It's mine for now, anyway.

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