Thursday, March 25, 2010

No photos again

Sorry this has been a photo-less blog for a while. There is light much later in the evening now, I know. Somehow, by the time I ride my bike, eat dinner, wash the dishes and generally clean up in the kitchen, it's dark out. I go to bed at 9:30, so I don't have much evening, and I prefer to knit in what time I have after chores are done. Maybe over the weekend .....

The Log Cabin Sock is almost at the toe decreases. Again. DH's sweater sleeve has about 1.5 inches of ribbing knit. The lace scarf hasn't grown at all. I have to have time and an alert brain to do the set up for the edging so that, too, will probably wait until the weekend.

The stakes have been pounded in to the ground to outline the planned garden in the back yard. I drew out a plan for planting last night - actually two plans, and DH plans to rent a rototiller either this weekend or next to get the ground turned over and ready. I can actually plant some cool weather things already. I'm planning to get seeds for a lot of things (lettuce, radishes, carrots) so I can do several plantings and spread out the harvest time. I'm planning to buy plants to start things like tomatoes, green peppers because I don't need 50 or 100 of those plants. I'm ambitious, not stupid.

Work has been busy with old and new projects lately. There aren't enough hours in the week to get done what has to be done until I get caught up on the new projects. Once those are submitted for review, there's a waiting period of several weeks before anything more happens. I am trying to get all of that done so that I can then concentrate on the data collection for ongoing projects.

Bike riding has been going pretty well. I still ride the same distance as I did last week but I am a little less winded when I get back. Once that 'little less winded' changes a bit more for the better, I will add another loop around a block or something to gradually increase my distance. DH rides every day, too.

I'm not feeling well today. I don't know whether it's a sudden onset of allergies (I have not been taking allergy medicine over the winter) or the beginnings of a cold. I think I'd prefer the allergies, although the cold would get better and go away. Maybe I'll be knitting at the Needle Exchange tonight or maybe I'll be home nursing myself. Only time will tell.

Have a great day.

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elizabeth said...

I first read "DH's sweater is at 15 inches of ribbing" and thought GOOD LORD, WOMAN!!!! So glad you're not really knitting 15 inches of ribbing!