Friday, March 26, 2010

Spiral stole workings

On Ravelry, as soon as I posted the project, I received a couple of messages about the spiral stole project. The issues seem to be the corners and the center. You do a provisional cast on and leave the waste yarn in place as you knit. Here my square is complete except for the center and weaving in the ends. You can see the black waste yarn in the center.
In this photo I have started to put the needle (with the working yarn in the eye of the needle) through the center of the loops of the working yarn

As you pick up the loops, you carefully pull out the waste yarn.

I went through the loops several times and pulled it tight.

Weaving in the center end on the back of the work.

Finished center.

For the bind off to work, you really have to use a huge needle for the bind off. I knitted with a size 8 then did the bind off with a size 13 or 15. Do Not Forget to include the yo's in the bind off at the corners. It will make a big difference. I plan to experiment with adding 2 yo's in each corner to see if that will allow more of a square shape when blocking.

I finished the first of the Log Cabin socks! It is soft and warm and will be great next winter for keeping my feet warm in the house.

The cashmere scarf edging has been knitted. I have to weave the two parts together next. That will probably happen later today. I have either a cold or a bad allergy attach and my head is not working very well right now.

The sleeve of DH's sweater is very close to being finished. I plan to go to the store this weekend to get some white elastic to knit into the ribbing. Since the sweater is cotton, the ribbing itself is not very elastic. I had used green elastic before because I made the edge of the cuff green, but DH wants just green stripes on a white cuff. I'll go get some white elastic.

The weather here is pretty nasty. I hope yours is better. Have a good day

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