Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday update and another FO

The Mondo Cable Shell is complete! Only the blocking remains. (That's two sweaters completed in a week and 3 in less than a month!)

I was just about crippled by the time I got home from work yesterday - hauling, packaging and shipping blood samples - so I did not go for my daily bike ride or block the sweater that was waiting. What I did do was take a pain pill, eat dinner, do the dishes, do my back exercises and then lie down with the heating pad. Flat on my back. Knitting was tough in that position, but I hauled out the purple alpaca shawl I had started the last time I needed simple knitting and worked a few rows of 2 x 2 ribbing for the edging. 4 inches of ribbing are needed and only about 1.5 inches are knitted, so there's plenty more work to be done on that.

I'd like to knit a full pattern repeat on the cashmere scarf tonight but I suspect that I will not be able to sit that long (due to the back issue) so my knitting likely consist of a few rows of lace and then more alpaca shawl ribbing while stretched out in bed.

DH is enjoying having more temperate weather - he's finally getting to complete the shed work that was put on hold with the blizzards and more than 2 feet of snow in the back yard. (It's a good thing he's back at it, too. One of the doors fell off the old shed yesterday.) Speaking of that snow, I won the bet about when the big pile of snow will melt - you can see grass now. Maybe I'll collect my ice cream treat over the weekend. ; ))

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival classes are posted on the website. I'd like to take 2 of them but money may limit me to one .... I'm still agonizing over whether to have more spending money at the festival or take 2 classes. I'd like to take Warm Woolies and need to take Plying hints and tricks. I detest plying and I'm sure that I could do something differently that would make me enjoy it more and possibly even improve the end result. The plying class will be a definite request (there's no guarantee you get the classes you request). The spinning class is the one I am debating over.

We "spring ahead" this weekend. How many of you will be late to something on Sunday morning? I forgot once - I was an hour late for my shift in the ICU in Texas. I was rather red-faced and apologetic to the person who had to wait for me. : (

Happy knitting.

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