Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sad Sunday

The Olympics will be over tonight. It has become a big part of my daily life for the last 2 weeks and I am not quite sure what I will do about the empty space. I have been so impressed by the talents and skills showcased in these Olympics. True dedication to each sport is obviously necessary and having a strong will is vital. Grace under pressure is necessary as is accepting defeat with style and grace. I am humbled.

The leak in the kitchen sink has been temporarily fixed. We have a new sink on order and that will complete the fix.

I've marked up the pages in the seed catalogue with stars and question marks near things I want to try to grow. I will have to make some choices soon. I know that some vegetables are cool weather plants that need to get in the ground early. We have to turn the ground before most thing scan be planted, though, and there is still about 18 -22 inches of snow on the ground in the back yard. That's gonna slow things down some.

I need to do some research on the web concerning preserving of tomatoes, green beans and possibly pickling cucumbers. DH is considering whether he can build a not too expensive cold frame for me so we can get a head start on putting things outside. And the snow has to melt.

I finished knitting the copy of the Olympic hat the other night and today I blocked it. It's still drying. I am not pleased with the tensioning across the middle where the reindeer are. I can do better and I am not sure why this was a problem in this hat. It looks OK but it's not my best work.

The cashmere scarf, though, is looking awesome. I won't be finished with it tonight - circumstance such as the leak and work requirements got in my way. There are priorities in real life that supersede even a knitting event. ; )) That's OK. I will have a beautiful scarf in the end. I think it would have taken me much longer to get the nerve to try a pattern in this book because of the nupps and now I know that I can handle that. I will chose a yarn to make one of the shawls with soon, I think.

The KAL Mondo Cable Pulli has been chugging along slowly because I want to be knitting on it during the KAL. I knitted a few rounds just last night, though and I still love knitting with that yarn. I am very happy that the KAL starts this Tuesday. I can finally get that sweater finished and start wearing it.

I did some spinning yesterday! I'll be doing more of that as soon as I get off the computer, with knitting planned for during the closing ceremony. Roast lamb for dinner - yum! Have a great evening.

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elizabeth said...

I bet you can find a schematic for a cheap cold frame online. I've seen some with an old window as the top. I'd love to have one too, but will probably start seeds indoors and harden them off in the backyard shed. I'm determined to have a veggie garden this year!