Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Morning Blues

It was a wet, dreary morning and Monday to boot. UGH. I had such a hard time getting out of bed. Ideally, I would have slept a bit longer, gotten up long enough to eat and have a DDP and then returned to bed to knit and listen to audio books. It is not an ideal day, however, so I went to work.

DH tried his sweater on last night (the one I started ages ago). I marked and measured and then ripped the sleeves. I have recalculated stitch counts at various points and am back on track (I hope) to finish this sweater within a month.

I'll be knitting on those sleeves at the KAL on Tuesday night, since I finished the KAL sweater. It's just stockinette with decreases, so if someone new comes to join us, I will be easily able to assist them to get started and not loose my place in my own knitting.

I re-potted my few indoor plants yesterday, and put the new plants in new pots. Fingers crossed that they live. The pansies will be planted outside this week since they can take the chillier weather. At least I know that they will live ....

Sunshine .... please, I need sunshine. Soon.

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elizabeth said...

It's been gray and chilly here too - definitely makes a difference in one's mood!