Monday, March 29, 2010

Less than awesome

The weekend could have been better. Much better. Of course, the source of the trouble was my own fault. I thought I knew better. I thought things had changed.

Ordinarily, I start my triple allergy treatment in March - early March - as instructed several years ago to get ahead of the allergens. If the allergens don't have a change to rev up before starting treatment, they aren't as bad. I decided over this last winter that my allergies were not as bad as they have been in years past and so I thought I could get buy with just the single treatment that I'm on all of the time (flonase) with an occasional, as needed boost with a pill. Wrong. Big time. Allergies hit me so hard last week, I was really knocked on my butt. I've been on the triple treatment now since last Thursday and I think things might be improving some. There is a tissue box in every room of the house, along with a trash bag to deal with the ... results. My nose is so very sore, my head is clogged and I've done more mouth breathing (as much as I hate it, there is no alternative) in the last few days than I have in years past. Ugh. Talk about dry mouth!

During one of my more clear moments over the weekend I was able to graft the pieces of the lace scarf together and got the tension right the first time around! A few more ends to weave in and it will be blocking time.

The first Log Cabin sock was finished and the second one started. I am about 2/3 down the leg and still loving this yarn. I won't go so far as to say that I can't wait for next winter - the last one is still vivid in my mind - but I will enjoy wearing these socks.

Bob's sweater sleeve is the same - actually, it's longer but looks the same.

I allowed myself to play with a little bit of lace knitting last night. With the Lily of the Valley scarf complete, I had no lace in my life. I played around with a pattern from Victorian Lace Today called a Curved Shawl and some beautiful Cinnamon's Dye Pot lace weight silk/wool blend in shades of purples and deep pinks. I don't know yet whether this combo will work - I have to get further along. I changed the cast on - I hope that doesn't cause a problem later. I didn't do well with the backwards loop cast on, which was the recommended cast on. I have to use my Addi lace turbos - that are a lot of K3tog in this pattern!


I started this post on Monday but didn't get a chance to finish it. Since then I have decided that the lace yarn and patten combo does indeed do the trick and have completed many more K3togs. Thank goodness for pointy needles! The sleeve is also longer but not long enough. D**m it. The purple alpaca shawl is a tiny bit longer also, but I fear that this project will one that I will be working on next winter just because the rows are endless and I am not a fan of knitting ribbing.

The allergies have come under control and I can actually breathe and do not have a constant need to have a tissue in my hand.

We've had dreary grey weather with rain off and on - thatnk goodness not the torrentila downours that they had further norht - but by tomorrow or Frid ay we should have summer weather. Am I confused or is it Mother Nature?

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